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by Wlerin
Sun 15 Jul, 2018 03:26
Forum: General
Topic: Attack Ship Choices
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Re: Attack Ship Choices

Sw3arengen wrote:Most just about everyone use the 3rd party battle calculator

Only once shields come into play (so, most of the game). Before that hand calcs are trivial.
by Wlerin
Sat 14 Jul, 2018 01:02
Forum: Feature Request
Topic: Multi server feature request
Replies: 6
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Re: Multi server feature request

2) protect guild ids (combination of name/avatar/description) just like for individual acounts already in place. No. There is no cross-server protection of this sort for either guilds or individual accounts, nor should there ever be. 3) smaller guilds implementation means guilds have to
by Wlerin
Sat 14 Jul, 2018 00:41
Forum: Bug Report
Topic: Server clock may be bugged pretty badly!
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Re: Server clock may be bugged pretty badly!

That's normal when the server is under heavy load. And 2 seconds after the debris tick is too few even under normal conditions.
by Wlerin
Sat 14 Jul, 2018 00:33
Forum: Typhon
Topic: Hello Typhonverse
Replies: 39
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Re: Hello Typhonverse

Addex wrote:What galaxies did you win exactly?

Didn't they manage to stagnate/almost win one of the upper 20s galaxies until gates came up?

(No I'm not playing Typhon.)
by Wlerin
Sat 14 Jul, 2018 00:29
Forum: Trash Talk
Topic: Re: ANOUNCEMENT FROM Logan...pending..
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Re: Re: ANOUNCEMENT FROM Logan...pending..

Logans Run wrote:Forums still suck.

Your posts ain't exactly improving them.

Also please don't imply Winchestertrop and I agree on politics. Ew.
by Wlerin
Fri 29 Jun, 2018 03:05
Forum: Lynx
Topic: The Lynx Strongholds and Chronicles Thread
Replies: 198
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Re: The Lynx Strongholds and Chronicles Thread

You know, Sewi, it's odd to see you of all people dismiss politics in AE, given your oft-stated goal of keeping new players in the game. If anything I would say that the decline in the game's numbers had a lot to do with a lack of politicking in the newer servers. Not surprising, SEWI is entirely c...
by Wlerin
Wed 20 Jun, 2018 17:37
Forum: Lynx
Topic: Mu pull off a Sparta and butcher Dream
Replies: 20
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Re: Mu pull off a Sparta and butcher Dream

Only those in that battle, in the end the greeks won over the persians. You are aware that the Spartans and Greeks were not one and the same. Correct? What was the point of this quip? Sparta and Athens were the most powerful and significant city states in the Greek confederation that defeated the P...
by Wlerin
Fri 01 Jun, 2018 14:15
Forum: Feature Request
Topic: Trade server = no combat game
Replies: 5
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Re: Trade server = no combat game

No. Pointless.
by Wlerin
Sat 26 May, 2018 23:06
Forum: Feedback
Topic: New: Trade Tools
Replies: 15
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Re: New: Trade Tools

2) its a great can offer trades to farmer they either pay for the fleet to be killed or have to cancel....and cancel...propose...cancel....propose....cancel...tradewars Are you cracked? How does this hurt anyone but yourself? ... Actually nevermind, go w...
by Wlerin
Thu 24 May, 2018 15:01
Forum: Feature Request
Topic: Commander training
Replies: 3
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Re: Commander training

You have a few hundred commanders? How many servers do you play? How can you be so verbose and so lazy at the same time? Read his signature. Because i am SO sick and tirred of clicking on a few hunderd commanders each day....i never can catch up.... As Cody says, don't play so many servers. Problem...
by Wlerin
Mon 21 May, 2018 14:04
Forum: Feedback
Topic: linking database with view activity privs is bad
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Re: linking database with view activity privs is bad

Doesn't K also give the ability to view Recycler status?
by Wlerin
Mon 21 May, 2018 14:02
Forum: Kepler
Topic: Need a guild
Replies: 10
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Re: Need a guild

Step 1: Don't join ASAE
Step 2: Now that you've joined ASAE like I specifically told you not to, don't believe any of the crap they tell you
by Wlerin
Mon 21 May, 2018 14:01
Forum: Feature Request
Topic: Change The AutoScout Power Privilege
Replies: 2
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Re: Change The AutoScout Power Privilege

Associating it with a different existing privilege makes no sense. Inactivity is the closest both in concept and in the security risks it presents.

That said, Wizard seems reluctant to create a new privilege, perhaps because of how privileges are stored in the database.
by Wlerin
Thu 17 May, 2018 05:09
Forum: Off Game
Topic: Killing of America
Replies: 100
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Re: Killing of America

Logans Run wrote:I would but i live in the land of fruits n nutz (Cali)

Don't forget us flakes.
by Wlerin
Tue 08 May, 2018 08:14
Forum: Feature Request
Topic: Increasing Research Per Lab
Replies: 15
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Re: Increasing Research Per Lab

Wizard rarely implements things on just new servers. The closest was 2.0 vs. 1.5 servers.

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