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by MeowAE
Tue 28 Aug, 2018 18:27
Forum: Typhon
Topic: Return
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Re: Return

Sorry gridlock, hardly anyone still playing rn played hydra, let alone remembers it lol. If you look hard you'll find some other familiar names who were big in server politics, but now they are all nobodies like you and me.
by MeowAE
Thu 12 Jul, 2018 20:52
Forum: Typhon
Topic: UCorp has gone two far!
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Re: UCorp has gone two far!

We have irrefutable proof, from our correspondent Stormy Daniels, that The Donald has a tiny willy. Confirmed. Detroitfan11, however, has a massive willy. and it's absolutely beautiful.
by MeowAE
Sat 30 Jun, 2018 19:52
Forum: Typhon
Topic: Welcome to Typhon
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Re: Welcome to Typhon

by MeowAE
Sun 20 May, 2018 17:37
Forum: Lynx
Topic: Goodbye Lynx
Replies: 184
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Re: Goodbye Lynx

1 [Truwa] War Knuckle Legends 46,180,405 79 584,562 3 [MU] Misfits United 26,053,580 78 334,020 5 [New] Guild 15,829,475 53 298,669 7 [PM] for nudes 10,939,690 35 312,563 8 [NAZ] The Nazgul 9,784,785 46 212,713 total 108,787,935 291 373842 2 [DREAM] Derbs Rule Everything Around Me 39,527,385 67 589...
by MeowAE
Wed 09 May, 2018 03:41
Forum: Lynx
Topic: Zerg much?
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Re: Zerg much?

I'm not a zerg, you're a zerg
by MeowAE
Wed 02 May, 2018 07:32
Forum: Lynx
Topic: FAKE/NEW vs Hi war thread
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Re: FAKE/NEW vs Hi war thread

Fake news. I mean [FAKE][NEW]s.
by MeowAE
Wed 18 Apr, 2018 02:02
Forum: Feature Request
Topic: New Use For Barracks
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Re: New Use For Barracks

This game is very lopsided in favor of the attacker, in nearly all cases, and not in favor of the more active, participating players. The occupier would have to work very hard to keep down a very active base. The more active, participating players are overwhelmingly the ones who are attacking bases...

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