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by Whis
Wed 07 Mar, 2018 04:04
Forum: Trash Talk
Topic: Why
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Re: Why

Please do not disturb Vig’s work. He is simply doing the work god put him in this forum to do.
by Whis
Thu 22 Feb, 2018 02:21
Forum: Feedback
Topic: Hard/Permanent occupation
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Re: Hard/Permanent occupation

Well I think right now Wizard is focused on the scouting tool that he has been focusing on. So this is obviously going to have to wait. But those that say to just play a different server are not understanding the flaw and problem. Sure you can play Alpha, but ideally AstroEmpires should be as fun a...
by Whis
Sat 17 Feb, 2018 05:00
Forum: Feedback
Topic: Latest game change is a joke
Replies: 24
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Re: Latest game change is a joke

Halo wrote:You cant be serious. My dream update happens years after I quit. I hate all you Portuguese.

IP if you still play and read this please know I would of caught your *beep* that time in the teens with this update lol.

AE is always here, waiting to suck you back in...
by Whis
Thu 08 Feb, 2018 05:56
Forum: General
Topic: who will win the next server?
Replies: 43
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Re: who will win the next server?

There is no Forum Moderator option, poll is invalid.
by Whis
Sat 03 Feb, 2018 03:59
Forum: Feedback
Topic: New Scouting Change is a step in the right direction
Replies: 46
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Re: New Scouting Change is a step in the right direction

While I cannot/won’t go into detail, I can confirm there are steps being taken already to add onto and improve upon the feature. As stated by Wizard, they are being implemented in pieces for several reasons. One of them is to weight feedback vs balancing for the next step. I do believe after it’s al...
by Whis
Tue 26 Dec, 2017 02:13
Forum: General
Topic: New Server?
Replies: 104
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Re: New Server?

The objective of war is to win. Also, ASAE :headshake: Overall though, I’m impressed the AE community has been able to string together multiple coherent and otherwise thought out responses to come up with a decent proposal. I think that a each a V2 and V1 server per year with a V1.5?? server once pe...
by Whis
Fri 08 Dec, 2017 16:30
Forum: General
Topic: Official Forum Conspiracy Thread
Replies: 22
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Re: Official Forum Conspiracy Thread


You caught me, it's all part of my plan to stay on a continuous power trip induced high whilst brining myself back down with warnings.
by Whis
Tue 05 Dec, 2017 00:42
Forum: Feature Request
Topic: Please reel in and fire most forum moderators.
Replies: 16
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Re: Please reel in and fire most forum moderators.

Winchester wrote:Hammurabi for forum overlord!

It's bad enough we got Zoran back.
by Whis
Sat 02 Dec, 2017 08:27
Forum: Help Center
Topic: Max level for commanders?
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Re: Max level for commanders?

Hard cap, no.

Soft cap, see Wlerin's post.
by Whis
Fri 17 Nov, 2017 17:06
Forum: Feature Request
Topic: Revamp the process of making changes to the game
Replies: 11
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Re: Revamp the process of making changes to the game

So Zoran comes on and you all go quiet?
by Whis
Thu 09 Nov, 2017 04:17
Forum: Feedback
Topic: Newbie protection unfair!!
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Re: Newbie protection unfair!!

if you are below level 20, attack higher level players to gain a higher protection bonus. bring your recycler fleet to higher level player's bases and attack, you will get a golden recycler that can be used to get bitcoins. It should go without saying, but this is a terrible idea. And also incorrec...
by Whis
Tue 31 Oct, 2017 11:16
Forum: Off Game
Topic: Youtube Megathread
Replies: 463
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Re: Youtube Megathread

by Whis
Tue 24 Oct, 2017 02:16
Forum: Kepler
Topic: Wtf happened to [CANS]¿
Replies: 60
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Re: Wtf happened to [CANS]¿

On account of someone suggesting that another forum member kill themselves, it is now LOCKED

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