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by Richelieu
Sat 21 Oct, 2017 20:05
Forum: Feature Request
Topic: Fighting a resistance on base occupation
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Re: Fighting a resistance on base occupation

Hey, so a few things.

1) Read the stickies;
2) Don't post your idea on an old thread, if "you don't have a clue what to do with it" - we don't like people doing necro..
3) Build Command Centers.
4) Extrapolate on your idea, and give it more substance.

Subject is locked btw
by Richelieu
Tue 10 Oct, 2017 20:22
Forum: General
Topic: Will I be wasting my time in this game?
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Re: Will I be wasting my time in this game?

Necro post - Locked

If you want to re-open this subject, post a new topic.
by Richelieu
Fri 06 Oct, 2017 13:50
Forum: Kepler
Topic: The Imperium Of Man
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Re: The Imperium Of Man

..everyone always cheat on something at some point in their lives. :whisle: Yeah, once as a young teen this guy at 7/11 dropped a $20 and i didnt say anything. my defense, candybars, asteroids and pac-man were hella important. :snooty: I hear my keys to lock the topic are a-rattling.... if you...
by Richelieu
Thu 05 Oct, 2017 12:14
Forum: Feedback
Topic: Point of the situation
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Re: Point of the situation

Status: LOCKED
by Richelieu
Tue 03 Oct, 2017 02:45
Forum: Sigma
Topic: Most trouble in the 10's
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Re: Most trouble in the 10's

1) Themis has already ruled on ths ( here ) - repeated posts are being deleted. 2) Triple post, and duplicate topics is classed as SPAM Spamming and bumping topics 5.1 - Spam is considered to be repetitive posting of the same text again and again or nonsensical posts that have no substance and are o...
by Richelieu
Tue 03 Oct, 2017 02:16
Forum: General
Topic: Did Strongholds ruin AE?
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Re: Did Strongholds ruin AE?


by Richelieu
Tue 19 Sep, 2017 21:14
Forum: Help Center
Topic: Servers down?
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Re: Servers down?

Subject closed:
by Richelieu
Wed 13 Sep, 2017 15:57
Forum: Off Game
Topic: Punching Nazis in the face
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Re: Punching Nazis in the face

Logans Run wrote:
Richelieu wrote:Have a read on the Wiki, re holocaust denial.

David Irving was jailed for three years for holocaust denial.

Thats insane. Whats next, imprisoning trolls? :silenced: :paranoid:

That day is already here

Some examples for you:
> One;
> Two;
> Three.
by Richelieu
Wed 13 Sep, 2017 07:11
Forum: Off Game
Topic: Punching Nazis in the face
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Re: Punching Nazis in the face

Denying the holocaust is punishable by law in much of Europe,... Seriously? That seems a lil far reaching. Like the thought police. I know in Australia you are fined for not voting. Im not sure if thats just say..a general election or all things but, that seems messed up too. Usually its the Arab n...
by Richelieu
Fri 08 Sep, 2017 23:20
Forum: Feature Request
Topic: Mining astriod belts
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Re: Mining astriod belts

Astriod belts are scattered through the galaxys and they do nothing as far as I know. Why not have special units to mine them for either a small constant cred/hour or maybe they can contribute to a chosen planets construction and production. You could do something similar with the gas gaints too. P...
by Richelieu
Thu 24 Aug, 2017 20:44
Forum: Help Center
Topic: 48 hour Newbie Protection
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Re: 48 hour Newbie Protection


Occupiers need to be "dethroned" from their occupation.
by Richelieu
Thu 17 Aug, 2017 14:39
Forum: Help Center
Topic: Servers informations
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Re: Servers informations

If you visit the main domain of Astroempires, and then click the tab marked "servers".

That will answer your question about player base, etc. As for galaxies, visit the Dev log and trawl through it to find your relevant server and "what galaxies" have opened.
by Richelieu
Wed 26 Jul, 2017 13:40
Forum: Polski (Polish)
Topic: Czy Polacy w to grają?
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Re: Czy Polacy w to grają?

Tylko notatka zespołu kierowniczego, więc nie przypadkowo go usuń. Translation: I hit the game the day before and I thought it was interesting. But I see that the game forum is deserted. Any Poles in it at all? To be honest, I noticed that beginners get a premium account on start, and I wanted to se...
by Richelieu
Mon 24 Jul, 2017 14:55
Forum: General
Topic: Newbies protection
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Re: Newbies protection

There used to be. I had it on Beta if I remember correctly. I just had a trawl through the dev logs. Yes, it was in place, but was cancelled in early Beta. It's been this since then Player protection is mainly for protecting new players to the game, or players who are reduced to a level under 30. P...
by Richelieu
Mon 24 Jul, 2017 12:46
Forum: Forum/Portal
Topic: Captcha
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Re: Captcha

We have had that very discussion about Captcha on the hidden mod area.. but the overall discussion was that it wouldn't work, since "Captcha's can be solved 95% of the time, with 3rd party" as well as people being paid to spam.

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