Game Rules about credit transfer.

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Game Rules about credit transfer.

Postby KFCSajin » Sun 16 Sep, 2018 00:11

Are any of these credit transfers allowed?
(If you accidentally leave recyclers on at blob you can steal your guild mate's debris, and often they demand you pay them back. Are any of these methods not allowed or are they all not allowed?).

-Let him recycle debris you made against an enemy guild for the same amount of debris stolen.
-Let him drop guild to plunder trade routes on your base for the same amount of debris stolen.
-Let him drop guild to hit your fleet to generate the same amount of debris stolen.
-Let him get the final hit to pillage an enemy base until the debt has been repaid.

Also, can we credit transfer to accounts whose sole purpose is to just build gates?

Also, what about allowing one of your bases to be occed as a way of paying rent to the dominant guild in the galaxy?
A lot of times that guild wont accept the member due to spy reasons. At the same time the solo guy doesnt want to be perma occed (I know, new unrest update, but unless he spends weeks turtling and having no fun at all he might as well just quit anyway?)

The way AE was designed to be played isn't being followed.
Most people and guilds come to personal agreements...
Often these agreements lead to rule breaking.
What to do?

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