Min pillage

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Planet bob
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Min pillage

Postby Planet bob » Tue 25 Sep, 2018 04:10

What the deal , did min pillages change?
I hit a base of 114 econ and got 2400 pillage and base was not hit previously and at full econ. Even with zero credits if i get hit on similar econ base the attacker get normal min pillage

I just hit another base of 93 econ and got 4300
How is this possible....is it a game glitch or did the lower have creds stored and pillage chart is no longer valid....if so where can i get the new one

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Re: Min pillage

Postby McDerbin » Sun 04 Nov, 2018 22:21

I believe level does factor into your minimum pillage. If you're level is substantially higher that could explain it.

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