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Can't Post in TT or send PMs, Help!

Posted: Thu 07 Dec, 2017 20:48
by atom man
Chester instructed me to make my own thread here about no PM`S and the inability to edit and comment on my TT threads :whisle:

**** can`t start a topic here either, why I always post in the HELP section.

i was given one role play and one off game instead of TT permissions...


[I was asked to make a thread in Forum/Portal about my problems posting in Trash Talk. However, it seems I can't make a new thread here either so I spammed someone else's thread before getting my post moved here. I can't send PMs either, which makes it hard to respond to the mods sending me such nice love letters. Someone please help!!!]

Re: Can't Post in TT or send PMs, Help!

Posted: Fri 08 Dec, 2017 01:54
by Richelieu
As long as it doesn't contain any of that drivel you post normally (ie: Youtube links, smileys, etc) that it'll remain out of TT. Just remember, the boards are not your private hosting facility.

Do what I suggested, and either use pastebin, or Google documents or a secret facebook group where you alone moderate/admin it. You can use "notes" in facebook and select the viewing audience to "to me" and no one else will see it.

In answer to your question, I did ask Pasternak about it. He looked at your permissions and said you should be able to post. I'll ask him to revist your permissions again.