Command Centers Tweak

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Re: Command Centers Tweak

Postby Ugborg » Mon 03 Oct, 2011 23:22

MaxDrake wrote:I can think of 3 things off the top of my head that Command Centers could do, to promote them being in the game at all.

1) Decreases the Training Times for Commanders Based there.
2) Enhances the ability for ALL guildmember's fleets there.
3) Allows for a specific amount of Fleet to ever be controlable at that base.*
*Paired with a new Fleet Type Called a Command Vessel to allow Tactical, Defense Commanders to travel with fleet.

#4) Being a new security blanket for Commanders based there.

The 2 Reasons now are not exactly bad either, the ability to Command 1 Occupation per Command Center, and the ability for a .5% addition to fleet offensive capablities.

I personally think the whole game needs a small in-game tweak or two or thirty five. The interface is sweet for sure, but the content is really rather bland after 4 years of play. I like it though, don't get me wrong :)

1 would be interesting, but given how the training time is always 8 hours, it most likely would never be worth the travel time or removing them from duty.

2 would be game-breaking, if you wanted to crash a blob there would only be three specs you'd bring along: Fighter, Heavy Bomber, and Ion. Everything else would suffer too many losses.

I'm not certain what you mean by 3a, but it seems that whole point is a separate FR.

Also, it's 5%, not .5%.

I agree with the op, the numbers work pretty well, especially at .95.

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Re: Command Centers Tweak

Postby .bean. » Sun 16 Oct, 2011 19:20

I'm sorry but I am going to have to disagree with this idea as a whole, even though I do agree that command centers do need more functionality.

My reason for disagreeing:
I mainly play on gamma, and I play a fighter swarm. Most of the places I can farm from have been really farmed out and as such its hard to find decent fleets to hit. Being a fighter swarm, I tend to look for players >65% of my level, and nail their bases for the best ratios. Generally, my targets are my guilds enemies. I once attacked 9 bases of a player, and killed none of the level 14 commanders present at each one.

Earlier in the server, I had 9 of my bases hit and lost 4 level 12 commanders. You ever try replacing 4 level 12 commanders at mid-stage game of a server? It's not very easy, especially with very little exp banked.. I never bank exp. It is strategical to hit opponent bases for them to lose commanders. Killing 14% prod potential on 1 base is huge. This will get even more effective when prod commanders bigger than 14 show up.

My personal favorite is killing of the very important research commanders found on enemy research hubs. I guess on this point, I do agree with the OP idea. If I lost my level 16 research commander... given I once again keep little exp, as I use it everytime I can train another commander higher. Thats 16% more cost on my already (4mil+ for next cyber level) research, and more time that I lose. To lose my own commander would be detrimental to my research and credit effeciency in research, and it would take me a long while to get the exp needed to level a commander to that level again. At the same time, delivering such a blow - especially to the higher up level people of enemy guild is very favorable.

If an idea such as this would be implimented, then I would like the chance to get a commander kill to be raised. Then it would really be beneficial to have such a feature, and give a reason for the non farm players to actually invest in protecting their commanders. Anything less than 10%, as someone as has mentioned - its just cheaper pay for a commander level up than to build your CC over 20.

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