Anti-blob mechanic Splash damage

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Re: Anti-blob mechanic Splash damage

Postby Ferdoc » Thu 18 Oct, 2012 15:15

Wlerin wrote:
Pasternak wrote:What is this one going? Are people still up for this one?
Discussion has stalled, but I don't believe a consensus was ever reached. It has potential, especially with the random elements removed.
There was only one random element involved in it and I did so only to spread out the potential. Rather than just looking above and below, one would have to start considering more 'angles' of attack.

So instead of +/- 5, its +/-1 one fleet total rank.

I'ld also like to remind people that this is the workshop, not the place for baseless ad hominem attacks. So unless you can prove a significant claim, don't make it.

Gotta love those death threats
Soubanth wrote:you're going to help him even if it kill you.

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