Circular Serverserse, Final concept discussion

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Sandcastle Smasher
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Re: Circular Serverserse, Final concept discussion

Postby Sandcastle Smasher » Sat 27 Apr, 2013 21:58

Slightly silly point, but O server would be the best server to make this change with, politically and tactically AE has become stagnant lately (due to the player base's fault). Also its a nice touch that the first Circular server has a circle for its name :3

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Re: Circular Serverserse, Final concept discussion

Postby Dionysus » Fri 28 Jun, 2013 18:09

This would have been great for O server... probably the worst server yet. Something new needs to be put into the game, hopefully this can be installed for P server?

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Event Horizon
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Re: Circular Serverserse, Final concept discussion

Postby Event Horizon » Sat 27 Jul, 2013 21:57

I've wanted to see something like this for a long time. Not currently playing but I may play when the next server opens in November if the new 1.5 update has been implemented. Having said that I think the way this has been proposed is needlessly complicated.

1. Rather than this confusing system of connecting sets only to the two nearest just open it up completely and have all sets connect to all others. A multiplier could be added in front of the distance in the trade formula to adjust it so that the current range of trade lengths would be retained. The trade length between any two galaxies could also be calculated as the longest possible distance between those two galaxies (without using other galaxy sets). So x0/x9 trades would always be the longest trades between two sets. This would allow the adding of new clusters to servers after server start without disrupting the trade or tactical setup.

2. Implementing this on older servers is not as unfair as has been suggested in the discussion in the early part of this thread. Assuming the point of this is to balance something that was previously unbalanced then those who exploited the old setup have already enjoyed an advantage over other players/guilds. Given the way small advantages tend to lead to greater advantages over time the cost of resetting trades wouldn't come anywhere near taking away the "interest" they'd already accumulated from the previously unbalanced system. It is also worth noting that with the suggestion in my first poiint this would be less of an issue anyway.

3. I agree with the idea of pre-registration and also with the idea of not opening up new galaxy sets after a server has opened. AE has a ton of options for advertising to players who don't use the forums and could even place a permanent banner in-game with a countdown when they have a new server opening up. Click on the link to preregister BUT you have to buy a minimum one month upgrade to rereg. I don't think you really need to offer bonus credits for prereg because prereg already has a built in benefit of getting a base in the galaxy that you want without having to be online at server start. AE could also have a polling system to gauge interest in new servers rather than just waiting six months every time.

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Re: Circular Serverserse, Final concept discussion

Postby hideAndSeek » Wed 12 Mar, 2014 20:06

i had to post even though posting on a topic that last post was made 8 months ago seems a bit irrelevant lol , but this idea should already be at work in new server. maybe just because i´m posting now it will be implemented lolol

although i still feel the existence of clusters is a bit action-killer and would rather much more see without clusters . if not without cluster, at least clusters of only 5 galaxys would be a great . this would at least make possible for 10 guilds to have theyre own home, instead of the usual 5 guilds with home. diplomacy would be much more dinamic. still, a little less distance between clusters

hope some day someone gets on something like this idea... specially the all galaxys openeing at the same time thing...

ps: my dream is an hexagon sphere universe(each hexagon,one galaxy), if you want to make that, i dont mind lol

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Re: Circular Serverserse, Final concept discussion

Postby Vaters » Thu 11 Dec, 2014 17:20

I love the idea of a circular universe that's fair for every cluster. However I have a slightly different take on how it could be implemented.

Hitches with the idea so far are
  • a) Adding new galaxies would be difficult
    b) Server streamline would be eliminated
    c) Pre-registration is a good idea in theory that wont work in practice
We need to be able to add new galaxies, as interest in a server demands. The streamline is necessary for these vital reasons, and I feel pre-registration will not work in any reasonable way. I have an exceptionally simple way to implement the circular universe idea that eliminates these hitches.
  • Idea:
    Every cluster forms a circle with every other cluster
Simply said, harder to grasp what I mean conceptually.
  • Key Point
    Each individual circle is only composed of two clusters.
What would this do?
  • This would mean that every single x0 galaxy is 2000 distance from every single x9 galaxy.
  • Every single x9 galaxy is 3.8K distance from every single x9 galaxy
  • BUT, unlike the system now, because it is a circle, x8 to x8 trades are 3800 distance
    • x7 to x7 = 3800
    • x6 to x6 is 3800
    • x5 to x5 is 3800
    You see the pattern.
    --> No galaxy or cluster is disadvantaged
Image of how any two clusters would relate to each other. I've used the generic character 'x' to indicate any potential cluster in this diagram. (Enlarged image here)
  • Thick-headed arrows indicate potential direction of travel. I hope it is clear that the only two directions are around the outside, and NOT through the middle.
Max distance on the server would therefore be 3800 distance. To make trade econ work, all distances in TR econ equation are multipled by 1.5 and otherwise the exact same formula used now would still be used. This is similar to what Event Horizon suggested for avoiding problems with trade income calcuations. This avoids any change in economy to the player, and any major coding change to how trades econ is done.

I imagine this new method for calculating distances will be lighter on coding than the current method.

This take on circular universes has some interesting applications.
  • 1) Everyone is closer to eachother, influencing a more dynamic server
    2) This implementation means any new cluster added later does not affect the ones before. So unlike in the initial post that spawned this topic, there is no set server geography which bars the addition of new clusters. A new cluster could be added, say the 70s, and distances to other clusters are the same

  • 70 is 2000 distance from all x9 galaxies
  • 79 is 2000 distance from all x0 galaxies
  • 79 to any x9 galaxy is 3800 distance
  • 78 to any x8 galaxy is 3800 distance
It doesn't preclude the addition of new clusters in any way. I think that's vital. Allowing addition of new clusters, and avoiding a pre-server fixed geography of clusters, means the streamline could still be used and for the reasons above, I also think this is vital. Lastly, it completely avoids the need to gauge pre-server interest, and therefore the need for pre-registration, simply because new clusters can be added so easily without consequence as interest demands.

Overall, regardless of whether my take on circular universes is adopted or some other take, any of the changes suggested here would be an improvement and thanks to Erls and everyone else for generating the idea.

- NightStalker on Nova

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