Level Protection Change

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Re: Level Protection Change

Postby Fram » Sun 27 Apr, 2014 20:35

And welcome to SIM Empires, level protection should be to protect newer players and allow them to get a feel of the game before people start pewpewing at them, that being said extending it to level ?170? ... is basically killing whatever activity is left in AE.

There needs to be a level at which like somebody said you are thrown to the wolves so on top of the current level 30 10 levels bracket if this really wants to see the light of day (and to keep it as simple as possbile) just add another on.
From level 30 to level 40 you can't attack or be attacked by people within 15 levels of you. So if you are at 39.99 you the highest player that can attack you is 54.99. At level 40 you have played for a while now, you have some fleet and you should have some proper defenses in place so it's time to go play with the big guys :)

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Re: Level Protection Change

Postby Hellion » Fri 16 May, 2014 04:32

Though not entirely against the idea of adjusting level caps I feel its a bad route to fix an issue that is the way it is because of other factors. On my server a level 70 is pretty much irrelevant due to other players just being far larger as a level 70 would have in the ballpark of ~22 mil max fleet if little to no research was done but more realistically would be 12-18 mil and thats not doing much damage to that many other players.

If your looking to fix the issue of higher players beating up lower players you will need to simply make higher up players not nearly as powerful as they currently are. There are a range of different things proposed to do so but in the end simply changing the level cap itself just keeps people protected longer while not actually fixing the root of the issue.

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Re: Level Protection Change

Postby Firefox » Mon 19 May, 2014 13:46

Actually this is partially covered in the pillage and occ mechanic that hitting someone with a lower level than you by 35(?)% results in less pillage by that level difference. Unfortunately when people hard occ, they are not really out for profit and are actually working on a strategic goal of making a stronghold. Sure, they get less profit back, but the reality is that they were not out for profit anyway. This is made worse by the fact that once defences are down, they stay down/degraded for 100 hours, which makes the cost of breaking a turtle a one shot and makes repeated visits common. Aka kicking them when they are down.

A better protection mechanic might be to allow an active player the ability to regenerate their base defences faster to discourage others from re-occing him once he frees his base or to avoid tag-team occs. The increase in difficulty to maintain occs would have strategic implications though, makes strongholds harder to create. Possible line of approach.

Maybe something along the lines of ship repair where you pay a % to repair your turrets. Unfortunately this is under FMR.

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Re: Level Protection Change

Postby hideAndSeek » Tue 20 May, 2014 23:10

Sandcastle Smasher wrote:While it would allow lower players to further grow their accounts, it would not enable them to fight real wars, as they would still have their blobs derbed by the rouge player with the 200mil mobile.
this says it all in why changing lvl protection wont make any difference.

the only difference between a lvl 30 and a lvl 50, is that the enemy with lvl 70 will have more food to eat when the lvl 50 is in range to be hit. it wont matter at all.

lvl protection already brings the problem of making multi accounts much more easy to have, raising even more lvl protection would make this problem even worst.

old servers are old servers, a dominant guild is a dominant guild, they fought fair and square for their territory. Any new guild that wants to conquer a territory in an aged server will always need the help of another cluster/guild to accomplish that, and with lots of creativity and activity, not by more lvl protections. or like you said, through diplomatic ways get peace with the big guild in the cluster, you can always backstab them later on :twisted:

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