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Re: READ BEFORE REPLYING: Laws and Regulations

Postby Zoran » Sat 25 Dec, 2010 04:49

CHERUB wrote:But what about the threads that get to 13 pages long before they get promoted to the FR workshop? Will they actually moderate the 13 pages worth and spell-check and grammar-check the whole 13 pages before they move it?

Yes. Anything moved will be groomed to specifications.

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Re: READ BEFORE REPLYING: Laws and Regulations

Postby Awol » Wed 09 Mar, 2011 20:54

How will "ideas" be vetted?

Who chooses which ideas belong or deserve to be here or can we deduce that the ideas in this discussion are the ones being seriously considered by the admins?

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Re: READ BEFORE REPLYING: Laws and Regulations

Postby CHERUB » Fri 11 Mar, 2011 02:57

The way it works is you have to request a topic to be moved here to have it be moved here unless the admins decide to move it before one of us mortals gets around to asking. I myself asked for threads to be here, and lo and behold, they got moved. If you see a thread that you think should be discussed seriously and in more depth, then message an admin (Zoran, one of the other FR moderators mainly). Tell them why you want said topic to be moved here and I think hey will probably do it for you :)

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Re: READ BEFORE REPLYING: Laws and Regulations

Postby Achilles » Fri 11 Mar, 2011 05:32

you recommend a thread to one of us (fr mods) and we take a look at it, moderate the posts to fit the subject taking out all the garbage and other non topic things (comments and the like) and put it on these boards. then when you want to post, you do so and we look at the post before either allowing it or disallowing it, based on its content.

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