Welcome to the Tavern.

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Welcome to the Tavern.

Postby Hammurabi » Fri 19 Nov, 2010 22:33

Hello, everyone!

For those who are looking for a more general introduction from me, please see my announcement in the P&W forum. This thread here is for the unofficial rules of the Tavern.

1: Please refrain from personal introductions. I know that there are a lot of all-stars from previous servers making accounts here, but there are simply too many players to allow introductions from all of you.
2: You are allowed to introduce your guild, however. Please do so here.
3: General discussions about Juno should go here. Things like who got the first fighter, made the first hit, etc, are all excellent topics to make.
4: If there is already a thread on the topic, please do not make a new one. I will be locking duplicate threads, and if you continue to post threads without checking to see if there is already a topic on it, you may wind up with a yellow card.
5: Please keep the trash talking to an absolute minimum. I know that there are a lot of rivalries that spring up on new servers, but if it gets out of hand, take it down to the Trash Talk forum.
6: Post all open trade routes in the sticky made for that purpose.

Make sure you follow the general rules, and play nice.

Good luck!


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