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Politics and Benard & the FINAL crew vs the underdogs UFA

Posted: Wed 29 Aug, 2012 09:26
by Benard
Today was almost like any other day, the rations running low, the radio still flickering in and out as reporters discusses the impacts of the TRO empire fall.

The men gather around the round table within Finals ranks to discuss the seemingly dated matters of the United Federation (of awesome). It is then that the tone changes as Skorn addresses his men beside Benard, who has recently come back from traveling abroad the universe, to discuss an urgent message received by Guild-mother Selene.

"With the fall of the TRO empire their ranks have dispersed into the hills of the mid-30's sector, a densely populated Federation territory. This move and the assistance that FINAL has given to it's friends and allies has caused the sleeping giants to come out of their sim and slumber to pursue our men on our own grounds, -we will stand- and we will fight - end message."

silence sits the room as Benard takes the floor,
I know I have been away dear friends, but with travel, research and the renewal of enthusiasm for war, i am prepared to take stand beside you all, in yet another epic war. Our ranks have fought around the clock for more than a year now. Our ranks have been called the runts, the grunts, and the throwaways, for years now.

We dug in and we prepare for the long haul. Not tommarow, not next week but we prepare for the future of the junoverse. Not to defeat our Foe in one strike, but to peel off the layers as we can manage. we owe much gratitude to our friends and allies, we owe much thanks to our political ties with the guilds around us.

and now I no longer call FINAL the underdog.

In the beginning there was one major guild in the 30's it was WTF (later named !V!) a supposed powerhouse that had high hopes for the future in the junoverse.

It was greed, and selfishness that caused the ranks to crumble as players left in masses for bigger promises and a better cuts for themselves. And when the smoke cleared, the backstabbing and greed lessened and the sea's sat still with glassy content. there were 4 major guilds in the 30's

the least promising by most standards was the mid-ranked guild named !V! it was headed by Queen Selene, also known as the universal Guild mother by many other guilds, and this guild was supposed to fall first due to its instability and the leave of its many ranks.

the most promising guild was UFA, a powerhouse guild that relied on no one for support, however were very selective in their wars, often farming out entire small guilds to boost position through the ranks at extreme rates. UFA, knowing !V!'s position 'allowed' peace to exist if they could farm natural soil without confrontation. As !V! was in no position to fight, they held the nuetral stance as a way to balance the odds against the other two warring guilds.

the First of the 4 warring guilds was one of the most ruthless, it was HTT, ran by the mischievous and arguably brilliant Seldon. His tactics, although effective, were arguably more of a moral conflict than a battle. Inviting allies to derb piles and join hits only to capitalize on their vulnerability after the fight(s), would often leave his guild in the positive after any scrap. However his manor and tactics proved to be riddled with one flaw, Selene, whom knew his weaknesses and had played with him for years before and could detect his every move. This, and the coupling of a recent promotion of Benard, an underling who was only known for his work on Alpha inevitably changed the face of the 30's in what I call the "FINAL VS everyone else in the J30's" SAGA

FINAL as some know (formerly !V!) was birthed out of war and frustration in the 30's. It was the harmonious uniting of LOGIC and !V! in what would become one of the most pinnacle moves the two could fathom.
!V! was a composition of Viking-esque mentalities of brute, brawn and trench digging grunts led by Benard, Rare Breed and Selene (whom had limited playing time due to work and medical conflicts). Meanwhile the sound leadership, constancy of the guild LOGIC was headed by the brilliant minds of Cobra, Skorn, Chale, Zaraki Kenpachi, and killjoy.

It was with this merger and the final blow from Queen Selene that cracked HTT morale and caused their collapse.

The new guild, FINAL with the help from its allies (1st and friends) scattered HTT's ranks into the hills of the 30's. The fleeing soldiers took refuge in the recently formed guild, TRO which was the 3ed and final warring guild in the 30's beside FINAL AND UFA.

It was then that the 'year war' between TRO and FINAL began. It is from the end of that war in which this message and war begins.


Rank: 3
Total fleet: 1,904,699,745
Members: 75
Average: 25,395,997

Rank: 6
Total fleet: 918,623,990
Members: 123
Average: 7,468,488

I'm going to go ahead and say on paper UFA should win this one, HANDS DOWN.

however im going to take a vote on this one to see what everyone else thinks, because so far we have a pretty solid consensus.
this is a collection of all past polls:
- We all like Pie
- The rock is really my red headed adopted brother
- By proxy Irish Eyes is also my brother
- most people bet on Benard becuase he seems shifty, fast and seems like a modern day KY Gladiator
- UFA threw TRO and TBD under the bus by not helping them in past conflict
- Real men like beer
- Someone is going to name a child after Benard
- "The Hulk's father" is actually Benard's grandson
- By proxy the Rock, and Irish eyes are great uncles to The hulk's father

take the poll we find out what's real in the world of AE

*note for people commenting*
please leave me messages about how long this message is, because I'm really not aware of how much time i stole from your precious life while you sit playing an online game for years on end. ALSO I could really use some comments about how i like do complain, I have a false illusion that im somehow perfect and need to be brought down to earth about how much of a newb i am at playing this game, and HONESTLY I'm running a little low on my monthly quota for those types of comments. and if you would like go ahead and toss out how insignificant this post is, lets go ahead and bring that to the surface so that everyone else realizes that this post has no relevance what so ever to your life and perhaps you can save someone some of their precious time.

these are just some of the comments i love the most. =)

Re: Politics and Benard & the FINAL crew vs the underdogs UF

Posted: Sat 01 Sep, 2012 08:51
by Averius
FINAL wasn't born in the 30s, it was born in the 20s.

Re: Politics and Benard & the FINAL crew vs the underdogs UF

Posted: Sat 01 Sep, 2012 10:09
by Benard
You know, I'll have a talk with the GM about that one. I must not have been paying attention when Logic and I decided to incorporate the guild... I know J20 has some pretty decent tax rebates, but the sales tax and property tax are some of the best in the J30's

granted your fighting for property... but great taxes, good weather and a good school system.

cant really understand why i was not aware of the start of FINAL in the 20's...

Re: Politics and Benard & the FINAL crew vs the underdogs UF

Posted: Sat 01 Sep, 2012 10:23
by Averius
Army of Nobunaga started GBU in 25. I was in it. We lost vs UFP (Now FAQ). The guild split, and AON took a very small group of players and started !V!. He wouldn't let me in as he wanted to make sure he didn't have any spies and he didn't know me well enough. For a while it was just a group of players in 25 that were really struggling and were being mostly perma-occed by UFP but after a while the guild jumped in size a fair bit and Selene was gm, AON quit and handed his account to someone else who renamed to Army of Valhalla. I'd guess that !V! merged with another group of players in the 30s, which probably formed the majority of the guild, but I don't know much about 30s history, particularly early server.

Re: Politics and Benard & the FINAL crew vs the underdogs UF

Posted: Sun 02 Sep, 2012 08:32
by Benard
interesting... I was the WTF branch out of J30, WTF's members comprise (now) the bulk of: UFA TRO and FINAL (now mainly UFA and FINAL)

however to combat UFP we had a series of mergers that eventually funneled us into !V! where selene was in charge,

a know a good chunk of selene's friends were J30's crowd and army of valhala was one of our men, who is also based out of the 30's...

I guess we are both right on this one becuase half the guild, stemming from WTF orginated from the 30's and when we united under the !V! name, im guessing the move was made due to the change in leadership and if your leaders are based n one galaxy or another then they will tend to gravitate towards those area's

therefore, the other quarter (as WTF's member-base was fairly substantial but poorly organized at that time) AON came from 20's orgins and created !V! which, through a series of acqusitions led to the re-naming/creation of FINAL through the uniting of !V! and Logic, as well as part of 24/7 part of jump and several other smaller guilds.

funny enough tho, the guilds that united to create FINAL were former enemy's SCUD whom we were warring against when we were !V!! ends up scud split to create logic and several other entities, which later came to war against HTT along side !V!. due to the common interests and the mutual benefit, it was through war that the entity was birthed.

Named to pair with 1st, as a compliment to their assistance to us in time's past and for 'sticking up for the small guy'

we 1st and Final

and to signify it was the end of an era, and the end of ALOT of unknown things. It happens in every server.

we should honestly make a timeline of evolution that servers go through.

stage 1 - the Barbaric/chaos stage - every man for themselves
stage 2 - make friends but for your own benefit stage - still ready to turn on anyone and stab a *beep*
stage 3 - the cull and stats stage - when guilds set bars and force men to grow as fast as possible and maintain weekly stats in order to compete with nearby guilds
stage 4 - the merge stage - now that everyone can build all types of ships and wepons we want to unite everyone we can to topple anyone who looks like they have potential as a guild.
stage 5 - the FINAL stage - its one of the last times in the server you can unite for a common goal, pacts are loose because everyone wants to make profit but is afraid to make permanent alliances because there is still room for growth and/or error

Re: Politics and Benard & the FINAL crew vs the underdogs UF

Posted: Sun 02 Sep, 2012 11:48
by Wlerin
*per capita

Re: Politics and Benard & the FINAL crew vs the underdogs UF

Posted: Sat 15 Sep, 2012 03:53
by Hulks Father
holy hell benard why do you write so much crap, i cant even read the whole thing,

Re: Politics and Benard & the FINAL crew vs the underdogs UF

Posted: Sat 15 Sep, 2012 09:32
by Benard
Hulks Father: ...i cant even read the whole thing,

I'd start with the beginning
try not to get frustrated
remember, if you cant understand a word
sound it out
and read the words around it for context so that you get a better grasp on what is being said.

good luck and keep trying!

I believe in yah son!!

Re: Politics and Benard & the FINAL crew vs the underdogs UF

Posted: Sun 16 Sep, 2012 22:04
by Willy Wonka
Benard must think the more he writes the smarter he sounds :think:

Re: Politics and Benard & the FINAL crew vs the underdogs UF

Posted: Tue 18 Sep, 2012 01:52
by Roy Banes
Benard had me at Today....

Also screw Universal Healthcare