To be clear

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To be clear

Postby nightmare » Sat 29 Dec, 2012 20:22

PostMon 17 Sep, 2012 14:17
Smoke is, at least to me and my immediate leaders a friend of FINALs, and last time i checked UFA/TRO tossed em under the bus

it was either TBD or UFP a while back who was actually their brother guild who turned on them and blob smashed em.

their OWN allies took em out for money.
completely untrue. i gave smoke every chance in the book to shape up and keep our pact. they were content to continue leaving 100's of m's of fleet inacto and almost invited our cluster to be invaded time and again.
PostMon 17 Sep, 2012 14:21
UFP turned on DARK, after which DARK began guerilla operations which, to my extent of my memory will serve, forced UFP to spend too much time on trying to kill them. And now look who is still around lol.
we killed %50 of dark in 3 days, then they ran to you guys. i have no idea what your going on about. and UFP isn't around simply because megaidiot got control and ruined it, same as smoke

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