**HEY LOOK AT ME!!!** ====> Board specific rules <====

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**HEY LOOK AT ME!!!** ====> Board specific rules <====

Postby Ikari » Sat 20 Nov, 2010 13:57

For a full list of the forums rules/guidelines please click here. These rules are considered additional on this board to the forum rules, not a substitute for them. Please make sure you understand them all before posting.

Guild Recruitment
1.1 - Always create recruitment threads in the correct forum according to the server you are currently playing in.
1.2 - Only one thread per guild, if your thread is outdated or locked you are allowed to make a new one, but no spamming allowed.
1.3 - No bumping! Bumps will be deleted without prior notice. This includes posts with no new information regarding a certain topic. If you want to update your guild recruitment thread post some relevant information, otherwise don't post at all.
1.4 - No off-topic posts, if you want to talk about your own guild don't use other people's threads. Off-topic posts will be deleted without prior notice.
1.5- No Flaming, smearing, trash talking or insulting other guilds

Please include your guild link and ingame nick so you can be contacted. Thanks

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    Re: READ BEFORE POSTING : Board specific rules

    Postby Archimedes » Tue 18 Jan, 2011 18:21

    A reminder: Do not post in color. You may decorate your post using the format and color tools; per forum rules, posts that consist of 100% colored text will result in a warning.

    Players looking for guilds, use this thread: viewtopic.php?f=109&t=97187&p=1871272" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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