example of mockingbird media

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example of mockingbird media

Postby Baylor » Sun 30 Sep, 2018 18:28

a mockingbird sings at 4am. early in the morning, the mafia media gets their talking points sent to them by their masters. then ALL the media companies and all their anchors regurgitate the same lines throughout the news cycle

mockingbird media refers to the declassified large-scale efforts of CIA in the 1950s to bring the mainstream media to heel. at the time you only needed to utterly control about 3 big TV stations and 1 major newspaper. By the 1980s there was more media coming online with the rise of cable. The big sea change occurred around 2005 with the rise of YouTube, now you have tens of thousands of channels of individuals presenting their viewpoint and research

William Casey (CIA) circa 1981 supposedly said "We'll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false"

its time to knock off all the crap and use antitrust laws to break up the mafia media. the executive order 13618 signed by Obama (July 6 2012) gives POTUS authority to do exactly that. Amazon/Facebook/Google/SPLC will also be affected for collusion with their crooked transnational ideological allies

some headlines I pull from front page of Google by typing "white men"

"Kavanaugh Borrows From Trump's Playbook on White Male Anger" New York Times 1 day ago

"Lindsey Graham, Brett Kavanaugh, and the unleashing of white male backlash" Vox 2 days ago

"Unburdening the white man" AL.com 2 days ago

When Straight White Men Dance - The New York Times
https://www.nytimes.com/2018/.../straig ... n-lee.html Sep 6, 2018

As America Changes, Some Anxious Whites Feel Left Behind
https://www.nationalgeographic.com/maga ... ite-americ...

White men must be stopped: The very future of mankind depends on it ...
https://www.salon.com/.../white_men_mus ... the_planet...

Why are so many white men so angry? - The Washington Post
https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/mad ... -so-angry/

quotes compiled by Ann Coulter

“They know the optics of 11 white men questioning Dr. Ford ... will be so harmful and so damaging to the GOP.” -- Areva Martin, CNN legal analyst

“They understand that you have all of these white men who would be questioning this woman ... the optics of it would look terrible.” -- Gloria Borger, CNN chief political analyst

“Women across this nation should be outraged at what these white men senators are doing to this woman.” -- Rep. John Garamendi, D-Calif.

“What troubles me is now there are ... they’re all white men.” -- Jennifer Granholm, former governor of Michigan, on CNN

“All these white men ... stumbling all over themselves asking her, you know, aggressive and obnoxious questions.” -- Asha Rangappa, CNN analyst

“If she testifies in front of the Judiciary Committee, where 11 members are white men ...” -- Susan Del Percio, Republican political strategist, on MSNBC

“Once again, it will be all white men on the Republican side of the Judiciary Committee.” -- CNN anchor Poppy Harlow

“The optics for Republicans are going to be really tricky ... You’ve got all white men on the Republican side here ...” -- Julie Pace, Washington bureau chief for The Associated Press, on CNN

“The Republicans, it happens to be 11 white men still on that side.” -- CNN host John Berman

“The Republicans, it is 11 white men, talk to me about how you think the tone inside this hearing on Monday will be perceived?" -- Berman, a few minutes later

“On the Republican side, all 11 are white men.” -- Berman, again, same show, several minutes later

“What hasn’t changed is the number of white men questioning, certainly, on the Republican side.” -- Dana Bash, CNN chief political correspondent

“The Republican side on the Senate Judiciary Committee is all white men ...” -- Irin Carmon, senior correspondent for New York Magazine, on MSNBC

important topics in Christian apologetics:
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Re: example of mockingbird media

Postby swearengen » Wed 03 Oct, 2018 15:38

Omg dont get me started on the Kavanaugh and Ford *beep*.

Comical all the articles about that and not 1 article about the fact that they had the info weeks b4 they even mentioned 1 word about it. Shame

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Re: example of mockingbird media

Postby Mighty Mighty » Thu 04 Oct, 2018 05:48

i have no idea what you are talking about but you should probably find something else to occupy your time with

Cu Chulainn
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Re: example of mockingbird media

Postby Cu Chulainn » Sat 20 Oct, 2018 18:36

Interesting, talking about interfering with the market and bringing down monopolises sounds like you still have some socialist parts in you Baylor.

I would say liberal (american context) however a liberal in American context is different to a liberal in British context.

In regard to the topic at hand, best solution to avoid witch-hunts like Kavanaugh is to go MGTOW.

The world is too far gone to save it, best for us to mind our own business and just watch the world burn.

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Re: example of mockingbird media

Postby Logans Run » Sat 20 Oct, 2018 19:53

Mighty Mighty wrote:i have no idea what you are talking about but you should probably find something else to occupy your time with
Quiet you. Or we will ignore you. (Too late)
Cu Chulainn wrote: The world is too far gone to save it, best for us to mind our own business and just watch the world burn.
Agree. Thats why im saving for my house in the Mountain's of eastern Washington. (Far away from Seattle freaks)
...have my guns n bible.
..maybe a pet bear. Train him to sic-balls on anyone who comes around. :paranoid:

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