Farewell Astro Members

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Farewell Astro Members

Postby galaxygoer » Sat 11 Jan, 2014 17:39

As of the recent betrayal of Sot/Zzz, I think it is pretty safe to say that 95% of all Astro members are now gone. RIP, it was fun. Good luck to any left in Kaos. The future of Kappa looks bleak, if any future at all. Perhaps the server died long ago.

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Re: Farewell Astro Members

Postby ShadowStalkerz » Mon 13 Jan, 2014 11:02

Thats how they roll ... so now it should be evident just because you are welcomed by the royals, and you help them, fight for them, struggle for them, sacrifice your time and energy..doesnt mean you hold any value to them..doesnt mean they respect you or appreciate your efforts.

Maybe other people on other servers should think about this incase they are given the chance to join a royalist guild.

Some of the Astro and the former 50s/KAOS players that got betrayed didnt deserve it I'd wager...but then again I am sure if I made that claim I could expect this thread to turn into another troll fest and rehash.

So I will just say they were KD and it was a crappy thing.

Farewell Astro..you fought the good fight.

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