What we say vs What we do: Top ten reasons SoT quit KAPPA

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What we say vs What we do: Top ten reasons SoT quit KAPPA

Postby ShadowStalkerz » Mon 13 Jan, 2014 03:25

Ok, so lets get this straight folks:

According to past and more recent posts - SoT has proclaimed they are done with KAPPA.

Talk is cheap tho, but lets see the top 10 excuses...err I mean reasons:

10. Other servers are more fun
9. Addy told us to
8. Balor threatened to spank us if we didnt
7. Mr. Black/DeityLord quit - why cant we?
6. We're scared!
5. The ticker makes us cry!
4. Its fun killing our own - especially those members we adopted but never considered a real part of our family.
3. All our Leaders are gone
2. Kappa has been dead for a long time

and the number one reason -

1. We just dont give a damn about KAPPA anymore!


That would be funny if ANY of it were true.

Now lets take a look at the top 10 reason why that is 100% *beep*:

10. We have attempted multiple blob crashes, but with little success, since June of 2013
(talk about discouraging!)

9. All our late night skype discussions regarding KAPPA and the allies
(This is all Puri's and SS's fault - those *beep*!)

8. We are actively farming in K15 with plans to travel up to K36 and then K47.
(What? They know? We thought we killed off SS's spy??! Damn it!)

7. No matter how hard we try to spin things on the forums, we are still fighting and logging in.
(its not our actions that matter its what we say we are doing that you need to pay attention to..spin to win!)

6. If we tell everyone we no longer care - then it lessens the sting of our loss.
( its all about appearances! Cant let them see us cry!)

5. The recent purge was meant to remove spies and other threats to our plans!
(oh wait..we keep saying we dont have any plans? Damn for a minute we almost started to believe our own BS - whew!)

4. Maybe if we just keep saying how dead we are, then no one will fault us for the Allies winning
(still sucks because we had this server all sown up at one point...according to Addy that is.)

3. We post threads on other servers to get people to act!
(we always put forth time, energy and effort into things we say we no longer care about, dont you?)

2. There is no way we will admit we were beaten by a DDoS and their "farm" allies.
(If we just say we dont care anymore, then we havent "lost" anything)

and the number 1 reason why that explains it all:

1. Just look at the ticker..
( Damn the ticker! How could we forget about that!)

I have one last question for you all:

Why dont you just Meowquit then? Delete your accounts and be done with it?

I will tell you why - because you DO still care, enough that you just cant hit that delete key can you?

That is all the proof we need, but pls...keep on spinning...at least that is one thing you remain consistent about.
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“Forget injuries, never forget kindnesses.” ~ Confucius
~Your words mean nothing when your actions contradict~
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Re: What we say vs What we do: Top ten reasons SoT quit KAPP

Postby Ace Rimmer » Mon 13 Jan, 2014 03:47

Now that`s what you call a true story dex.

+1 plus SS for putting more effort into this one post than sot have shown on kappa the whole server

Addex wrote: Don't worry thou in 20 or 30 years I will make an account in K and claim victory. How u like them apples.

Your funny, if your gonna take that much time preplaning we will give you the server.
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Re: What we say vs What we do: Top ten reasons SoT quit KAPP

Postby Evil Ant » Mon 13 Jan, 2014 03:59


What a picture U painted SS

What can I say other than +1

Rep point given......Well earned

Meow Quit, SoT Quit, Royal Quit........Same thing

If U dunno no understand....I dunno know about U

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