How the Kappa Pact Died:

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How the Kappa Pact Died:

Postby ShadowStalkerz » Thu 04 Dec, 2014 09:14

****WoT WARNING****



Well, The Kappa Pact lasted 9 months and this is how it died.

I am going to post the Kappa Pact rules here, so that my argument has some measure of sense/validity.

Those are the rules. Rules that each and every GM agreed to roughly nine months ago. Over time, the pact has been amended and changes put in to clarify the language to make it more readable/understandable ..more simplistic if you will.

That being said however, the CORE values of the Pact have remained the same. Now keep in mind before I go into my argument, justification or w/e you want to call it, that this pact lists ALL THE WRITTEN CORE RULES OF THE PACT. Most importantly you need to pay attention to: SECTION 1 (rules #1 and #2), and Section 2 (rule #2)

The rules I point out in each section HAVE NOT CHANGED in core value. These rules were Fully Agreed to and Signed off on my each Allied Guild GM at the time the final draft was accepted. The only exception was when WOLF and DEATH merged, peacefully I must note, which I will address later in this post because it will be a point raised as something that invalidated the Pact the minute it happened, and that could be argued. However I will get to it soon enough.

WoD ( known now as wolf/death merged) sent to K29 to farm an Inactive that the system booted from DDOS. This inactive was 56 days in active. WoD waited 3 days to see if DDoS would farm it. They did not. They said they were trying to get the account info to save it, but there were hits made on the account by ddos during this "attempt to gain log in". Evidently they started to farm it while asking others to hold off. WoD did..again for 3 days (I have the skype logs to prove it).

Now seeing as this target was an inactive, and NOT a KD by DDOS, it falls under the 1st rule in Section 1. It is NOT covered by the Pact. Meaning it is open season to all who can get there and hit it. First come first server in other words. This is part of the Pact, how it works..
Just ask any KAOS or WOLF/DEATH member even before the merger...if we beat them to an inactive even inside their SH, then thats tough luck. It has happened many times on both sides, it even became a "thing" were each side would know they had to act or miss out. If we didnt get to the inactive before our allies then too bad. We should have acted sooner, been more organized...early bird gets the worm and all that. It was common knowledge for All allied guilds that this is how it works ----or so we thought.

In the 9 months that the pact has been in effect, neither Wolf or DEATH made any serious grp attemts to farm inactives in side the 20s (DDOS's SH) even tho we would have clearly been within our rights per the Pact rules. Again..rules EVERYONE agreed to..even DDoS leadership.

When WoD finally did decide to exercise their Pact given rights, DDOS suddenly flips the script. One DDOS leader claims he sent out PMs to each WoD fleet owner that was sending fleet , warning them to back off.

Now I am the author of the pact. Many times in the past when there were issues, ones of FAR less magnitude than this, I was contacted, and violations of the pact were easily and usually prevented. The offending player would heed the warnings of Any allied leader who sent notice via PM in game to cease their actions as it was a Pact violation. This "honor" system worked for 9 months. I wasnt the only Pact Allied leader who could issue a warning, I am just saying i was almost always notified especially if it concerned a WOLF/WOD fleet.

This time I received NOTHING. Keep in mind, it takes "X"hrs for fleets to reach K29, and all that time, even tho I am on DAILY..multiple times a day, I never once got a warning. Neither did our GM, neither did almost EVERY single WoD fleet owner who was sending to the inactive in K29. ONE WoD player, a minor figure (no offense meant to him) was sent a warning to pull back. This player was NOT a Kappa Council Member, and he surely was not one who would be the one to contact to prevent what happened next:

I was online when suddenly I see DDOS kill about 20M of WOD fleet. I was stunned! Infact I though it the action of a rogue Ddos player. When I learned from our boards it was not an isolated incident that DDOS was attacking EACH WOD PLAYER THAT SENT FLEET TO K29 to farm the aforementioned inactive I was simply fing shocked, confused and ofc seeking answers IMMEDIATELY!

I immediately sent a demand to the next DDOS player who was about to attack another WOD fleet, informing them to stop, they were in violation of the pact. In violation of the NAP for all allied Pact guilds inside each others SH (see section 2, rule#2) The response was and I quote "Take it up with leadership. We were told to hit you if you landed". Infact an ANNY was on their board ordering it!

i was again -fing stunned, confused and outraged.

When I finally was able to reach Puri, who surprisingly enough, neither sent me any warnings in the hours leading up to our fleets landing, he said and I am paraphrasing "well the 20s have always been off limits, you knew that".

Let me pause there:
I knew that? Funny, its not in the pact. Its not part of the written rules listed. When I used that argument, he basically implied it didnt matter. "The 20s have always been off limits ,nothing has changed" again..paraphrasing. But the meaning is no less implied: The 20s are not covered by the Pact (except parts he decided were ok like not hitting bases or fleets in the 20s including new spawns and scouts) rules Puri signed off on, rules we have all been following for 9 months.

If Puri wanted to make the 20s "special" he always had PRIOR to the pact, then he should have made that stipulation as a clause in the pact. BUT HE NEVER DID. Because EACH guild would have in fairness wanted the same thing for their own SH.

I ask anyone with half a brain to answer me this: How are we to follow rules that are not listed? How is anyone who is under the impression (and rightly so cause we hammer it into their heads over and over..just ask any average player in ANY allied guild) is anyone to act in a manner other than what they are told is or is not allowed based on the Pact? And most of all, why should the 20s be any different than other Allied SHs?

Simple..we cant and the 20s are no different and shouldnt, in all fairness to the other Allies, be different or "special".

Simply put - We go by the listed Rules. There was a NAP. Farming Inactives is allowed. NO ALLIED GUILD(s) OR ITS MEMBER(s) NEEDED THE PERMISSION OF THE OTHER TO ENTER THEIR SH's,because those guilds and there members were already given it (permission) in the form of the pact. What we didnt know is Puri never saw it that way. The 20s are an exception. They are "special" and have Puri rules and if you dont know that even if he doesnt tell you then too damn bad, you will find out when he kills your fleets, thus violating the Pact given NAP granted in Section 2, Rule #2.

Prior to reaching Puri - We decided DDOS broke the Nap/Pact - A DECISION REACHED BY VOTE OF ALL WOD LEADERS ON AT THE TIME. And since DDOS posted an Anny without any warning to us about hitting us..a clear breach of protocol established since the pacts creation up to that point, it only made us feel like the whole thing had some pre-planning as ddos fleets were waiting on us. I then posted an ANNY, but the anny came from a WoD leadership GRP decision. It was not "my order" as Puri later claimed on skype when reached saying "YOU" ordered it.

I was fing stunned and even more so when I finally reached him on Skype. He truly felt justified in attacking WOD fleets over an inactive..a 56 day inactive at that.

(Show me the pms sent warning us I said to him ..and ofc he didnt or couldnt). Instead we were at simply at fault. We were at fault for acting per the understanding of the Pact, and DDOS in their minds didnt care, why? Cause it was the 20s. Again..unspoken rule, a rule that Puri had 9 months to mention or even try and add to the pact., but he didnt. He stayed silent ..assuming that we should know better, and if not..then fine he kills us for not knowing.

Well that is 100% bs. Its not right, its not how the pact was written, but none of that matters. Its Puri rules when it comes to the 20s, not Pact rules. He then claims our response, after his people killed 50M of our fleets, to declare DDOS hostile and hit their bases/fleets inside our SHs was the only violation of the pact, that his people are and were 100% blame free, and he says WE over reacted? Can you believe that? I sure as hell couldnt. Killing 40-50m of allied fleet over a few inactive bases isnt an over reaction in his eyes at all..again..he is NEVER at fault.

As tensions rose, our GM tried to get a cease fire and puri would have nothing of it. His argument "you started killing my people and hitting bases and you want a CF?" The loses ddos suffered from our retal to their decimation of 10s of millions of fleet palled in comparison. We derbed a few million..hit a few bases, we even told people DONT pillage TRs till we can work it out, but immediately ddos retals again by hitting bases and pillaging WoD TRs.

Basically, they punched us in the face with brass knuckles and we then returned the favor with a slap in the face..but yet we are still in DDoS's eyes in the wrong! The feel they did not break the pact. They believe this is all on us.

I am just writing this to say this: You royals were right. Puri will twist things any way he can so he can keep the moral high ground. He is never wrong,at least I have never heard him admit it in any form over any issue ever in the past that I can recall when he and talk about anything and everything..not just AE issues. Somehow its always the other guy failing to understand, failing to know, failing to act, say, think, feel, believe, realize, or whatever word you want, so long as in the end Puri remains blameless and able to justify the actions of DDoS.

Its poetic justice, because I was told this during the SoT wars from others who had similar experiences and I refused to listen. I trusted Puri, but now I see that i was wrong to do so. He can put whatever rules or stipulations he wants into the Pact, and doesnt even have to tell anyone, we are just supposed to "know better".

When Wolf and DEATh merged, it was a violation of the pact and we should have ended it there. At the time I didnt see it that way, but I do now and thats the difference. That and our merger was non violent. We didnt kill our "allies" when we merged. Tbh I think the merger pissed off puri and ddos more than they let on because it shifted the power of KAPPA, something I didnt see at the time,but now I do.

I ADMIT THAT NOW in HINDSIGHT - I WAS WRONG TO THINK THE MERGER had no effect on the Pact or our Allies.
Now while I cant get Puri to admit it (imagine that), and I might be wrong again, but I guess in his mind he was just waiting for a reason to vent his anger that we didnt approach him, that we didnt "tell him" we were merging...much like he didnt tell us the special rule about the 20s AFTER the pact was made and he signed off on the Pact being the rules we all follow. The only difference between the this and the merger is he had 9 months to do it, and he sanctioned the destruction of his "allies" fleets..

WoD didnt tell anyone we were merging..but we only took one week to do it. And even then after it was done, it was taken to the council for all to accept, even if begrudgingly (no "if" tho I think..cause there remained a grudge clearly as the actions in K29 imply). The merger was accepted, and the pact went on for another few more months until this happened.

All you needed was an excuse eh Puri backed with the only flawed logic being "you should have known better?" Does that help ya sleep better telling yourself your guild is blameless for WoD's reaction, or are you still to damn stubborn to admit it even now?

I am happy now we have this war, the game is fun again. My biggest mistake ever was creating this damn pact. My second mistake was not listening to the countless people who told me one day, one way DDOS would find a means to break it and claim they did nothing wrong in the process.

And look..thats exactly what happened. I post this so the people you will try to bring to your side will see what few others do who were like me once when it came to respecting and trusting you:

You cant be trusted because no matter what you do, or what happens to those around you will NEVER be at fault and thus you cant be trusted.

Good luck DDOS - Good luck least now we have some fun eh? And at least now my eyes are open to the real rules of KAPPA: DDOS is special when it comes to the 20s, and if you dont like it..too fing bad..and it doesnt matter what Pacts we have agreed to.

Come on it up. I was all were right, and Royals..yeah "you told me so!"

(I wont be back to this thread to read the replies, so dont try to engage me or bait me. Troll away, laugh at it, break it apart, criticize it, me, w/e - I dont care. I only wanted the truth to be told and let people form their own opinions as well as share my experience with trusting Puri and thinking what countless others warned me about ended up coming true. It might or might not happen to others he deals with in the future but if it does, I am sure once again..Puri will remain blameless regardless of how it goes down).

Adios Kappa Forums, this will be my last post ever on here.
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Re: How the Kappa Pact Died:

Postby Evil Ant » Thu 04 Dec, 2014 22:36


Dunno what happened for sure, but WoD peeps hit our guys......So DDoS responded....

Simple as that.

Now we have WAR.....

Meow Quit, SoT Quit, Royal Quit........Same thing

If U dunno no understand....I dunno know about U
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Re: How the Kappa Pact Died:

Postby Wlerin » Thu 04 Dec, 2014 22:43

Unexpected events are totz unexpected.

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Re: How the Kappa Pact Died:

Postby LoZ » Fri 05 Dec, 2014 11:48

Tbh this is terrible timing for me, can we go back to being friends. I am busy training for a exam for the next two weeks. So lets hold fire for two weeks then it's game on!

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Re: How the Kappa Pact Died:

Postby Locuz » Fri 05 Dec, 2014 18:26

Evil Ant wrote:Well,

Dunno what happened for sure, but WoD peeps hit our guys......So DDoS responded....

Simple as that.

Now we have WAR.....

i dont know what they have told you, but it's the other way around.
DDoS started hitting on WoD. we responded to that.

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Re: How the Kappa Pact Died:

Postby leesmack » Fri 05 Dec, 2014 23:21

Shows how inactive DDoS is.... Their own ppl don't even know who started it..

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Re: How the Kappa Pact Died:

Postby Ace Rimmer » Sat 06 Dec, 2014 12:34


Addex wrote: Don't worry thou in 20 or 30 years I will make an account in K and claim victory. How u like them apples.

Your funny, if your gonna take that much time preplaning we will give you the server.
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Re: How the Kappa Pact Died:

Postby DarthThanatos » Sun 08 Mar, 2015 16:44

From what I was hearing at the time, the biggest problem that the other allied guilds had with the WOLF/DEATH merger was that you guys wanted to keep both of your strongholds instead of settling on one or the other. How is it in any way fair that one guild gets two strongholds where they get to exercise special privileges and the others only get one? There were other issues, of course, but that was one of the big ones.

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Re: How the Kappa Pact Died:

Postby fendelius » Mon 09 Mar, 2015 01:57

the kappa server pact sstill holds? wat about Chaos doin their wars with wolf?

someone update this thread and explain how it truly is now since i just might have a guild in this server again now... :think: :shifty:

The wolf that one hears is worse than the orc that one fears....ha ha

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