So SS is ETH and Bubba, "wow" said no one

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So SS is ETH and Bubba, "wow" said no one

Postby nightmare » Wed 24 Feb, 2016 17:14

SS has recently been trying real hard to be relevant in a game that he was A. never relevant in. and B. terrible at in the first place.

what i find extremely comical and somehow extremely depressingly sad is this

First off - ETH (aka Bubba from WD) I already told you on FB to stop wasting your time on this stupid game, especially on internet trolls like Wlerin who have 18K+ plus posts. Forum junkies like him are just feeding off the attention they get. Its why he is on here so much. But since you asked me to get on here, here I am just this once.

(@Wlerin) Bubba is not me. I dont give a rats a** about this game anymore. If you doubt what I am saying, you can ask Anna from KAOS. If anyone would have knowledge of my return it would be her, and she will tell you that I quit AE roughly a year ago.

The only reason I am making this post is because Bubba asked me to come on here and share the conversation (PMs) between you and I. Yes I did tell him, as well as just about everyone else in WOLF at the time. I never told you I would not do so outside the Forums. In your defense it is no "secrete" that you are a guy, just like you admitted to being in our conversation. Yeah, those pms are unedited, because I just checked them against my own copies.

Now that I am here though I see some threads worth replying to if I gave a damn about this nonsense anymore, which I dont. I can see nothing has changed from the few threads I checked out, and that Nightmare is still waiting on a reply from me over the destruction of WOLF, lol.

Q: How do you keep a jerk in suspense?
A: viewtopic.php?f=113&t=117092

Now everyone reading this do yourself a favor folks, go find a game worth playing because this game stopping being anything but a joke a long time ago.

Peace out!


From a dif forum thread. In fact if you re read the last 10 or so forum discussions, his delusions and complete inability to do anything in AE is evident.

How many times has this tard said he's "gone forever". I would wager all that I own that he will log on to these very forums and read this very post, most likely while eating pepperoni hot pockets and ice cream sandwich's in his grandmothers basement, probs after a beat off sesh that involves tweezers and Bronies (google it).

In any event. If WD get's their Sh1z together, a far different and new Kappa may emerge.

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Re: So SS is ETH and Bubba, "wow" said no one

Postby Locuz » Wed 24 Feb, 2016 20:50

nightmare wrote: In any event. If WD get's their Sh1z together, a far different and new Kappa may emerge.
Amen to that..

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