The Truth about Guilds in Lyra

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The Truth about Guilds in Lyra

Postby Zizi17 » Sat 09 Jul, 2016 20:59

Ok,since it would be considered a necro-post if I would have replied to the thread "USSV still wins" I am making a response here,so the no brainers don't give me a stupid useless warning on me for a thread which is still on first page.

Note:It's about the day I used to play(2012) guilds.

The guilds I remember and I do something on them are:

Curse(Bunch of lifeless mobs doing nothing but ruin your gameplay and make shtty mothballed fleets and jump portals- 24/7 Farmers)
NoOne(Don't remember of them,but I guess they were annoying-24/7 farmers)
WOYS(the guild I was in,I didn't liked it anyways.)Strand for We Own Your Ships
BoS(There were 2 different BoS shtty guilds,they ended up dead now,I was in them,it sucked didn't even bothered to help me).-They instead f****ing kicked my azz off.Btw they were a fandom of fallout 3 which I totally hate.
Pinoy airforce or something...It was on ma sector I tried to apply on their guild but they said NO! :naughty: ,they were pretty disabled.

USSV-Bunch of anime 'tards/azns claiming the whole server for them,basically brainless commies.I guess this guild is dead.Also had a PM war with one of their members in the past,which I will not forget.(ALso if you read,USSV won just one time in 2012-2013,it's dead now,it's not winning anymore :lol: lmfao,and go to the college stop playing with the computer).The tag stand for United Stupid Serfdom Vintages.

The single guild that ended up "winning" is NoOne,very lucky I guess,but nothing lasts forever,the game dies because people are tired of guild farming little players for lulz.

Well this is all,I wanted to make this awesome thread every time I thought about AE and memoirs.


Forgot about laughing dumb Illamas(or how the ******* you write llamas).

They last about 2 weeks on first place after they got defeated,nothing much about them,but they were complete ignorant ugly fat phucks,and they had worthless rank names,such as Green Laughing High LLamma or something.

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Re: The Truth about Guilds in Lyra

Postby Wlerin » Tue 12 Jul, 2016 02:40

USSV won the server and then appointed NoOne to rule it for us.

Also you forgot like, the entirety of the 00s. And 10s. And 30s. And maybe 20s? I've completely forgotten who was in the 20s. Gamblor's guild maybe?

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Re: The Truth about Guilds in Lyra

Postby Shirayuki » Sat 20 Aug, 2016 17:53

USSV Lives on.


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