Live Skype Mira Universal TRade Chat

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Live Skype Mira Universal TRade Chat

Postby Michus » Wed 25 Jul, 2012 07:44

We are currently creating a chatroom for trades. I know how it is waiting for the ticker so a live chat can almost guarantee a trade within the hour.

Pls fill out this form if u want to be invited in the chatroom. This we are doing this so vulgarity and trolling will be controlled. Also I have set mods to kickban farms, and constant trollers. The AE forumz are for those lulz. Please keep things mature, or the mods will happily Ban you.

I will not ask for base location nor will other people see what guild you are from unless you disclose that on chat room. This form is primarily to screen out farm guilds. ... bW1MR1E6MQ

Thank you for your cooperation.

/lockpls, u can sticky it if you want :)

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Re: Live Skype Mira Universal TRade Chat

Postby Themis » Wed 25 Jul, 2012 07:48

/locked on OP request

Ooh looky... Forum Rules ... read them!

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