First Op as DSP GM, First Success

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Re: First Op as DSP GM, First Success

Postby Awol » Wed 15 May, 2013 01:35

Dionysus wrote:This convo is fun and this forum is dead, that is the only reason why I continue to reply to Kalypso's trolling >.>'

The inacto derb was unfortunate. That's what happens when players don't follow orders.
Awol, I never called INV cowards. You know that I personally praised your guild and want DSP to become something like INV if possible: a tight knit group of active and experienced players. I simply stated that INV has no right to call DSP cowards and what not when INV broke their pact early with DEF and proceeded to derb their ally. And analyzing that event, INV can not be trusted at all. But then again most guilds in AE can not be trusted because we all have our own agenda and plans.
You don't have enough of the facts to make that judgment. It is not as if we used our pact to position ourselves and then surprise butsexed them. They were fully expecting us and not particularly caught off guard by an 6.5 day cancellation period rather than the full 7.

The reality is that DSP and ORZ in part (but mostly DEF) forced our hand. Had we delayed another 12 hours we would have had 3 large enemies in the 30s rather than 2. There is one thing you can trust in INV. We wont arbitrarily put ourselves at risk for the benefit of others. But we do often put ourselves at risk.

As for calling DSP cowards surely you understand where it is coming from. Personally I think everyone on the internet is a coward to one degree or another but when you hide behind ORZ you sort of stand out in the crowd.

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Re: First Op as DSP GM, First Success

Postby Kalypso » Wed 15 May, 2013 06:31




Welcome to the hand basket my friend. Guess where we're heading?

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