^S is now disbanding, it has been fun Nova!

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Re: ^S is now disbanding, it has been fun Nova!

Postby Nova Link » Thu 27 Mar, 2014 08:42

It is good to realize your mistakes and improve from them and I don't think anyone is disagreeing with that however, there are a few things that you mentioned that don't make much sense.

-Only about 10-15 people total in AA are active each day, and of those most only log on for a few minutes at a time and don't do much.
-The blob was inactive. I don't care how much you say it was active, it wasn't. I'm in the guild...I know. :biglaugh:
-Scouting: Hadn't been really done in weeks. The week prior to blob derbing only three galaxies had been scouted. I know, I read the messages and was annoyed.
-It isn't hard to convince active players to join an op to derb and inactive blob. You can say it is hard, but it isn't. I've done the same thing really easily. Get the players, thus getting their JG's and voila! Instant derbs. :D

So if you have a sitting target that doesn't move it isn't that hard to derb it. Having the blob sit there for so long was asking for trouble and no matter how much I said to move the blob, nobody paid heed. :scared: So good job on derbing the blob, just don't make it seem like storming the beaches of Normandy on D-Day or the Inchon landing in Korea. It was more like the US invading Grenada. Short, sweet and everyone enlarging the tale until it is made into a movie. :biglaugh:

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Re: ^S is now disbanding, it has been fun Nova!

Postby Shark Bait » Thu 27 Mar, 2014 10:40

Well said NL although I agree with SK in that good players make their own luck. It still takes balls to go in to an enemy cluster and try to derb a blob though and credit should go to Vaters for his accomplishments along with those who followed.
I think WTF and Bow should get a mention in there as well though as they also helped with regards to providing JG's and intel. Without them those blobs - Felon and AA would still be around.

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Re: ^S is now disbanding, it has been fun Nova!

Postby toxa » Tue 29 Apr, 2014 15:32

Lol thread was hijacked over crap
DeathKnight505 wrote:Yeah it's always nice when food joins your guild because then you know right where it is.

Ask yourself how many to this point have become food for KINGco?
We haven't had an issue, our relations with King have only been positive right from the start of the server when we made a deal until now well after merging.

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