The 30's going done

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Re: The 30's going done

Postby Glaurung » Thu 28 Nov, 2013 12:10

Wlerin wrote:
DstoneVM wrote:...only crap players start late.

Not really true, but non-crap players don't have trouble catching up.

Started my first server (Ceti) on day 306 since it was created. It was hard catching up, but climbed from the worst guild ever to the top. Some people, for example, are way behind even with the regular inactive players kills. :)

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Re: The 30's going done

Postby SuperBoggartbob » Wed 16 Apr, 2014 00:51

Ahhh.. i love to look at the thirties failures... they doing some more failing in 40ds as we speak.

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Re: The 30's going done

Postby Chesterton » Wed 16 Apr, 2014 02:12

Necro. /locked

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