The server might be won, but..

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Re: The server might be won, but..

Postby FrostyGoblin » Fri 28 Feb, 2014 20:56

FrozenFire wrote:
FrostyGoblin wrote:
FrozenFire wrote:its ok poetic. on a funny note: "we not all like u smart" "we english not all" "we not have money for special classes english we self educated"

congratulate somebody and this is what u get :P
i was amused before reading your posts and had a good impression but im starting to think u just wanna be on tv. why else would u trash a no namer that has admiration for your guild.

Sry for bad englando, no copypasterino pls

once again suck on a lolipop!

No thanks, lolipops are just glorified caramels on a stick, i'd rather drink soda.

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Re: The server might be won, but..

Postby OG Kush » Fri 28 Feb, 2014 23:10

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IMO that's winning lol

High like a pyramid.

I don't always play AE. But when I do, I prefer win.
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Re: The server might be won, but..

Postby Ace Rimmer » Sat 01 Mar, 2014 01:26

Beowulf wrote:#Winning

A pat on the back from dex isn't winning its known as second best, or coming last if there's only two in the race.

Addex wrote: Don't worry thou in 20 or 30 years I will make an account in K and claim victory. How u like them apples.

Your funny, if your gonna take that much time preplaning we will give you the server.

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