May 2014 FMR review - combining servers

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Re: May 2014 FMR review - combining servers

Postby Dionysus » Sat 07 Jun, 2014 15:34

Find the average level of those still playing on said server, make an estimate of how many credits would have to be given to catch up, give new players quick start option that gives them all the credits they would need to be at that average level. Also allow their production, construction, and research cap to be infinite until the millions of credits that were given are used. Players cannot be attacked during the QuickStart period and all construction, production, and research take 1sec per level.

Also to give players incentive to stay and work hard, give out free upgrades for a variety of prizes- upgrades that can be used in any server that the player chooses.

Note: players do not receive player income until 95% of the credits have been used. And are not covered by QuickStart protection once queues are finished.

This is a fool proof plan to get hundreds back into ae's old servers. The major reason why players will never join old servers is the impossible task of catching up paired with the fact that they most likely will be farmed out before reaching said level. The monthly prizes give players, old and new, an incentive to stay and progress their accounts even further.

Before you say this isn't fair to old players - who really cares? You're going to quit anyway, just like your guildmates did which lead to your dying server. With the monthly prizes there is something for everyone to work for, also now you have new players that can at least give you a decent fight to make you interested in logging into your dying server.

And don't tell me that the prizes will interfere with the speed server because that things is barely ever on and no one even plays it so you might as well get rid of it or change it to where it's a test server rather than a speed one.


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Re: May 2014 FMR review - combining servers

Postby Tasman » Sun 08 Jun, 2014 10:51

I have nothing against just straight up joining all the servers, at least all those older than J/K/L.
Most of those are about even in average active players levels.

About overlapping bases/stronghold issues, maybe make it similar to a server start
Whenever the player logs in for the first time they get to pick streamline or a specific galaxy for each base. Their base will be transplanted to an astro the same as the one they left.

And I Haven't got the faintest idea about what I'm talking about.
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Re: May 2014 FMR review - combining servers

Postby sprstoner » Fri 15 Jan, 2016 20:28

i think this needs to happen or the game will fade away... i would do it on a credit basis..

you get the same amount of bases, fleet, and structure levels. you cant attack or be attacked for a period long enough to search out your bases and rebuild them at an instant rate. if you don't rebuild your bases in time limit, you lose them. allow you to use anyone's jump gate during said period. no fleet production or income during that period.

i would also do some sort of new player deal to inspire new players to sign up to old servers.

unfortunately, i think they rather let the game die.

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