Oh, you guys! You're gonna make me cry! ;_;

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Rabid Parrots
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Oh, you guys! You're gonna make me cry! ;_;

Postby Rabid Parrots » Sun 04 Oct, 2015 01:17

I don't know what to say. Thank you REIGN and TNO, for commemorating me with your new merger. I had no idea that you guys thought so highly of me. Back when I started this server, at least 100 years ago, I was just a chick at the time. The only fight I'd ever been in was with the shell of my egg. I never thought the day would come when someone named a whole guild after me. I am truly honored.

I would like to thank REIGN, TNO, Jesus Christ, Satan, CrashBoomBen, Vig90, newt, Towelie, no one in particular, Winchester, Jon Snow, Deviance, that cashier that let me keep the soda I didn't pay for, Wizard, Xaman, Ice Pick, wily, Grover, Anxara, that taco guy in REIGN, and so many more that made this all possible!

Thanks, you guys! I'll cherish this moment forever!

-Rabid Parrots
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No one in particular
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Re: Oh, you guys! You're gonna make me cry! ;_;

Postby No one in particular » Mon 05 Oct, 2015 23:38

I just want to take this moment to thank God, and Rabid Parrots for this sausage pizza with freshly made mozzarella. It has been a blessing to have this delicious meal in front of me today.

JigokuShoujo wrote:obviuos nwfg pretend oldfg. still fg in any case.
Who's this scrub?
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Re: Oh, you guys! You're gonna make me cry! ;_;

Postby Shinentai » Thu 08 Oct, 2015 19:16

Holy *beep*, you ate a whole GUILD?

We're just not worthy, man.
not worthy.


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Re: Oh, you guys! You're gonna make me cry! ;_;

Postby JigokuShoujo » Mon 12 Oct, 2015 13:13

Nigga. thank you. now come back to TT quiet like. we have you special "jacket await.

and ple~a~se - someone tell me WT* happen to Battlepaste? with out the paste why play this retard game?

You make me violate you, no matter who you are!
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