Bravo LOL Bravo

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Bravo LOL Bravo

Postby toxa » Sun 31 May, 2015 16:19

I would just like to commend LOL on their defense of the 30's, you may correct me if I am wrong but you sent out about 160 mil on op force and managed to muster quite the force to convince me to recall my op to your homeland. I still think activity and fleet size would have seen us take the landing however at considerable cost that I could not justify!

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Re: Bravo LOL Bravo

Postby Hellfire » Sun 31 May, 2015 22:06

Kiwi i presume?

but yeah we have spoke today respectfully, thanks for the kind words.
we are only good because you guys constantly keep us on our toes so we get plenty practice.

let the fun and games continue :D
Good luck there is life in bravo yet

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