The massacre of SD in B30

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The massacre of SD in B30

Postby Baylor » Tue 17 Nov, 2015 03:00

The guild DAMN, associated with bloc SDO, launched a reckless op into B30. They crashed an inactive blob and lost 30mil fleet for a gain of only 4mil derb collections before they were chased out. It was one of the most horrific defeats and botched ops that I have ever heard of. It sounds nearly unbelievable, yet those are the numbers.

That is all, thanks Bravo ttys gg hf.

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Re: The massacre of SD in B30

Postby toxa » Tue 17 Nov, 2015 15:13

lost 30 mil? care to show us any fact to those numbers or do you just like making stuff up?

You are just a moron who claims to never play Bravo but is constantly here talking crap any chance you get, you guys achieve and try nothing, you come with the best players into the server and zerg the hell out of everything just to play defensively and are completely pitiful. We are the only ones in this server that have achieved anything, I will take sneaking into the enemy territory killing 40 mil fleet over having any association to coming into the server fighting for a cluster for a couple of months giving up to pact and stab your friends in the pact just to get yourselves killed. Now you sit in your home galaxy only ever invading a cluster that is weak and was split between our server sides relying on spies to prevent any real fights from happening in this server and your only claim to victory has nothing to do with your own guild and not a single offensive strike.

From a player who will suicide his assets against his enemy without care for the debris, you have no business talking about someone losing a pile you have always done this to strike against your enemy.

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