[ASAE] Internal Fighting

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[ASAE] Internal Fighting

Postby _Kingdoom_ » Wed 15 Apr, 2015 16:05

So it would appear that the all servers, all galaxies sim/farm guild [ASAE] has been having some problems with internal fighting going on, they have 2 guilds going, [ASAE] and [ASAE2] as they try and zerg the server but it seems there players really aren't the sharpest tools in the shed.

Well looky here, they are fighting each other

[ASAE2] Poison vs. [ASAE] rax losses: 690 / 720

This certainly is class, 2 guilds that are really the same guild and none of their players really know how to play the game are fighting it out, who needs blob crashes for comedy when you have this?

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Re: [ASAE] Internal Fighting

Postby Shuriken » Mon 20 Apr, 2015 23:00

ASAE always finds some way to make me happy; either from farming or from general stupidity.

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