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Re: Teens

Postby Burgess » Fri 22 May, 2015 20:03

00s on Andro and Bravo were more interesting. /thread

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Re: Teens

Postby Cloud NiiNe » Sat 23 May, 2015 06:27

20s on Bravo were more interesting. /thread.

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Re: Teens

Postby Indiko » Sat 23 May, 2015 14:36

Burgess wrote:00s on Andro and Bravo were more interesting. /thread
Agreed. The constant clashes between Pax and RAGE and the small guilds that worked with both of these guilds made the cluster pretty interesting.

Idk why anyone would think the 20's cluster on Bravo were more interesting. The 20's united months before the 00's did.

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