om guild had a botched evac

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Re: om guild had a botched evac

Postby TrueJustice » Sun 22 Nov, 2015 02:35

I think what is so funny here is this one guy who is posting that he farmed Saint and blah blah, however in the end OMG derbed themselves costing more damage than good to the guild. The operation was a major failure on OMG part, yee came in and hit up 18 Good job there. Your Evac situation though cost well over what the guild made in over all profit.

IMO neither side should destroy the other with full force, but focus on small operations and maneuver in and out of 10s and 00s. Otherwise it's just going to stay where it is. OMG and SAINT are to equal in numbers for either side to kill the other. So we will sim sim till enough people go inactive on one side that the other can go kill the other.

This is AE, this is the same Cycle

Let's clean this crap up
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Re: om guild had a botched evac

Postby DamnYankee » Sun 22 Nov, 2015 04:43


I blame Seldon by default.
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