OMG directional map

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OMG directional map

Postby Krieger-Q » Sun 21 Feb, 2016 13:25

For all of you confused as to which direction gets you home I thought I would post this easy to read directional map.

09 WH (home) 《--------------------- 14 WH (suicide wins it) ---------------------》29 WH (thanks for the derbs)

We're all human, even a GM can get it wrong.

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Re: OMG directional map

Postby Overlord Baal » Mon 22 Feb, 2016 12:59

Was that an attempt to be funny? Balor's religious nonsense is more amusing.

Please, for all our sakes and the mental health of the fragile Saint lot, don't try humour again.

Regards, OLB

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