DOGE violating every single part of Drako Law

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Re: DOGE violating every single part of Drako Law

Postby lodbrok » Thu 03 Sep, 2015 07:14

FrostyGoblin wrote:Everyone is a *beep*, southy is a cuck, Bush did 9-11.
I kinda agree with you here

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Re: DOGE violating every single part of Drako Law

Postby OneOfMany » Wed 09 Sep, 2015 19:22

Panzermeyer wrote:
Wlerin wrote:
Panzermeyer wrote:But after SYN started to attack MEME, based on the Law about SH and disregarding a NAP, ppl were moved to Doge per LS decision. If the merge between SYN and ADHD is legal to your eyes, so is the addition of players that knock at our door asking to come in, in the end we are not recruiting, we are accepting volunteers :)
The merge during war wasn't legal. Again, that was why DOGE was able to continue attacking ADHD members even under SYN's tag. You can't just interpret the law one way when it benefits you, then the opposite way when it doesn't.
I am not complainng about the law, we has a NAP with SYN that SYN decided to break when they attacked our training guild, with the excuse we were recruiting in SYNs SH, while the players that had moved from Doge to Meme were in the guild since the CF of Doge/ADHD vs SYN fight, that wa ps before the law.
Nothing in the agreement between SYN and DOGE said anything about not attacking training guilds. If you insist that MeMe is part of Doge, then their building bases in 07-09 was a violation of the pact between us. In fact i think u guys tried to circumvent the pact with the training guild. So... And how can u guys cry about us attacking Meme while you guys are zerging 03-05???
Who broke the pact is really a moot point now. The fact is breaking of a pact does not justify breaking the drako law.
Now that Doge [SWAG] is on the retreat i get e-tear emails from u guys about ROE violations... FUNNY after you guys zerged 03, 05 for a month and proclaimed that the drako law will not be followed by you.

Syn has repeatedly offered to set aside past ROE violations and move forward within the law, but i was told that the law is dead and SYN will be farmed off the server by us [SWAG]. That gives me nothing to work with. What is good for the Goose, is good for the Gander.

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Re: DOGE violating every single part of Drako Law

Postby Sean Likes Pandas » Thu 10 Sep, 2015 00:02

Cool story bro.

Tell us again.

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Re: DOGE violating every single part of Drako Law

Postby Ronbgone » Sat 19 Sep, 2015 13:12

*Yawns, big stretch..

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