Current Wars of Elysium

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Re: Current Wars of Elysium

Postby xantonin » Mon 12 Sep, 2016 23:33

SEWI wrote:
TwiSt3dFate wrote:Maybe SEWI can give -PM- some tips on being farmed.. Oops... oh no did he really say that?! :paranoid: :paranoid:
haventy seen a farmer in ages...where are they hidding these dayz?...or did they already become extinct this soon?
Did you really just revive a thread over a year old to try and act all badass about running a farm?

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Re: Current Wars of Elysium

Postby naethel » Tue 13 Sep, 2016 07:28

Well i guess he finished his annual check on his accounts and it's the turn of the borumz

IrishEyes wrote: I'm not the guy who needs a huge fleet and player advantage to win.
^while playing with china 8-)
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Re: Current Wars of Elysium

Postby Eszchaton » Tue 13 Sep, 2016 08:40

Or been brought to life by JORD looking desperately for an ally they haven backstabbed yet

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Re: Current Wars of Elysium

Postby SEWI » Tue 09 Oct, 2018 23:27

fact check....


try again.

the topic is current wars of Elysium....right?...

at some point you will have to click on the atack button....and not only talk about it my friendz.

Same name...same guild...all servers... :biglaugh:

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