A Tale of Woe Concerning CBC

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Re: A Tale of Woe Concerning CBC

Postby Bluff » Wed 03 Feb, 2016 23:22

How is Cry dead? I'm a Cry member, my mates are Cry members, and Cry together with Hydra will continue to beat PM/PC at every turn. Spin it however you want but facts are facts.

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Re: A Tale of Woe Concerning CBC

Postby FrostyGoblin » Wed 03 Feb, 2016 23:36

You guys have been perma merged for 2 months, you're the same guild at this point.

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Re: A Tale of Woe Concerning CBC

Postby Eszchaton » Thu 04 Feb, 2016 18:47

And you have been slacking hard for 4 months and brag about hitting new blood to the game.


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Re: A Tale of Woe Concerning CBC

Postby Malicore » Thu 04 Feb, 2016 23:09

Last time we should bring this up, I was in CBC for a while until the end there. CBC was 100% abandoned, there were weeks and weeks and weeks of waiting to see if the leaders would come back. When your GM leaves and doesn't answer you messages for a day, you say "OK, No Big Deal". When it's a week, you get worried. When it's a month, shame on you for not seeing the writing on the wall ;) 3Sum talked to our guild about mergers before the attack so it wasn't this sneaky thing while they were down.

Lastly, things are better now for them anyway. They mostly merged into GAG and HYDRA, so all is well!

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