4 From 4 In 4 Weeks

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4 From 4 In 4 Weeks

Postby IrishEyes » Tue 16 Feb, 2016 23:56

This pertains to here too as it is one of my wins also, enjoy folks.

Yup its that time when I mention, that a few weeks ago waalor said I have nothing to my name.

Now I just did 4 crash, 3 server deciding crashes one cluster deciding.

Anyways, just want to say WELL DONE, to all the people who play with me in these servers, the real champs of all my wins.

OMG have crashed and won again saint in the quantum deciding crash, we landed a first minute of 960mil into a 1.1bil blob, we also had a 3min cap trail with another 320mil fleet.
Now we sit on a pile of just under 1.1 billion.

waalar/valar both said this couldn't be done, both baited me into making sure this crash was a success, id like to thank you both for finally pushing me into organising this, I never wanted to actually kill saint, but waalar made it personal and you know what bud, YOU LOST GG

Thanks to Trace and all other OMG LS for helping run quantum while I went on to win other servers, couldn't have done anything without any of you, love all you homos.

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