5 From 5 In 5 Weeks

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5 From 5 In 5 Weeks

Postby TheJordache » Sat 27 Feb, 2016 03:42

I just did 5 crashes, 7 server deciding crashes, 11 cluster deciding.

Anyways, just want to say WELL DONE, to all the people who play with me in these servers, the real MVPs of all my wins.

Obama/Trump both said this couldn't be done, both baited me into making sure this crash was a success, I'd like to thank you both for finally pushing me into organizing this, I never wanted to actually kill GAG, but Irish made it personal and you know what bud, YOU LOST GG.

GAG was more courageous than anyone could imagine hoping to use 20m to 22m fleet (No one could possibly remember) to defeat 60m 3Sum, of which at least 59.9m was synced. Despite their larger fleet sizes, in an outcome only mathematics could predict, GAG did not survive the encounter. It was barely not a profit, because I was respeccing and wanted to lose my rainbow. Sorry for the un-great derbshare team!

In all seriousness; GAG you made the last month interesting and fun, thanks for playing along. (Ninjitzu was totes right when he said it was ridiculous for 50m fleet crashing lagging the Hell out of the server)

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Re: 5 From 5 In 5 Weeks

Postby FrostyGoblin » Sat 27 Feb, 2016 15:12

Doing the derb split gave me cancer, primarily because I had to look at Jordaches Battle reports.

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