Another crash? Already?

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Another crash? Already?

Postby Kedart » Tue 01 Mar, 2016 21:13

I mean, the whole server is in on it so making a thread is pretty pointless but...

HYDRA (now known as [~NS~]) just got crashed in E19. They had something to the tune of 60m on the LZ vs PM's 100m incoming. PM's sync wasn't amazing, but it was enough to pull off a win. PM holds the pile, and with NS's active fleets all lying in ruin there isn't too much chance of it getting stolen... but who knows.

49m in space debris on main pile, 3m in space derbs on the astros around the LZ.

Thanks to everyone who participated, NS made a good showing (and even did some speshul tactix by bouncing HCs and such) and it wasn't a victory that was just handed to us.

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Re: Another crash? Already?

Postby Parasitoid » Wed 02 Mar, 2016 06:02

A few of us small guilds still watching I suppose. It's kind of too bad the server is ending up this way, but thanks for posting the info.

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Re: Another crash? Already?

Postby IrishEyes » Wed 02 Mar, 2016 10:55


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