The Pride of Ireland

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The Pride of Ireland

Postby Pinochle » Thu 14 Apr, 2016 17:47

Conor McGregor was born into AE via helion where he first learned the game. After many trials and tribulation he changed the way AE would be fought forever. McGregor climbed the ranks quickly and was crowned victorious in every server that he recruited for. In AE there is always a winner and always a loser. To put himself on the map he fought Jose Aldo. Jose Aldo used to be a big deal, but always had excuses for why he couldn't fight McGregor. Eventually when the fight took place, Jose lost in the first 15 seconds via TKO.

McGregor was expected to face Lightweight Champion Rafael dos Anjos, in an attempt to become the first UFC dual-weight champion. However, Anjos withdrew from the fight after breaking his foot a few days before. McGregor instead faced Nate Diaz, who agreed to fight with a 12 hour notice, in a welterweight bout.(Mcgregor was much lighter than Diaz) After bloodying Diaz in the first round with his striking, McGregor appeared to tire in the second round. Following a combination from McGregor, Diaz landed a jab and straight left that visibly rocked McGregor. After being repeatedly struck by Diaz, McGregor made his way to the 03 wormhole and was caught with another jab and straight left from Diaz. McGregor shot for a takedown attempt on Diaz, who caught him in guillotine. In defeat, Mcgregor and friends still got a share of the derbs.

Waalor is a pundit that is as relevant as the toilet paper. The toilet paper knows it's job and can predict the future from time to time, but can't control who will be using the toilet.

Waalor = Jose Aldo

Good fight/game 3SUM, enjoyed the crashes.

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Re: The Pride of Ireland

Postby DarkHorse » Thu 14 Apr, 2016 20:43

Nice story but what Lord Balor had with this fight?

you guys are so mad on him for no reason, blame those who really ...... up ;)

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Re: The Pride of Ireland

Postby Baylor » Thu 14 Apr, 2016 23:55

I think that the short story is too rigorous on insider baseball (or rather UFC) references to make an effective point for the layperson. In this case I have slightly more knowledge than the common folk, as my brother is in love with UFC and often I watch the fights, yet I don't consider myself a UFC fan.

Everyone knows that I had nothing to do with the politics or combat of Irish khanate vs. Jordache party. I take no credit and no matter how open/honest I am about the real deal, it seems that there will always be a Balor conspiracy theory. These I think are mostly a diversion/smokescreen when certain people know that they have epic failed. Epic fail occurs when there is 1-failure and 2-when victory should've been easily attainable.

I am merely spiking the football and enjoying myself, as SilverKnight would urge us to do and have fun. For AE super bowls, when your team isn't in the game and you aren't running QB/GM in the super bowl, most of us favor a team to root for. Sometimes the decision is based on spite for one team, sometimes it is based on actually liking the other team, or a mix of both.

You should consider the model of John Elway, who retired from QB at the peak of his game and now he is GM (general manager) of the Denver Broncos and an EVP (executive vice president). There is always a post-career.

I thought that the toilet paper metaphor was uncalled for, but yes it is true that I am considering expanding my e-career moving ahead with media personality, philosophy("love of knowledge")-making, sportscasting, and mixed genre writing. I am starting to work on some original case arguments, one of these is the "argument from our common humanity" and well, obviously I have a lot on my mind. The reality is that I see myself as more of a social media minor celebrity and less of an e-warlord.
DarkHorse wrote:Nice story but what Lord Balor had with this fight?

you guys are so mad on him for no reason, blame those who really ...... up ;)
They have their reasons, even if their reasons are silly and vainglorious.

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