To Whis

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To Whis

Postby Barnhole3rd » Sun 01 May, 2016 21:24

Why did i get a warning on the boards and when i try to contact you i can not
and when i try to see what i have done i can NOT????

Why has AE gone down the *beep* pan?

Why are you all complete toss pots?

Why is CC a better game then this?

Why are you are you all so far up your arses and not realizing that if you made a 10X server more people would play!


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Re: To Whis

Postby Themis » Mon 02 May, 2016 13:17

I'm sorry if Whis has not yet replied to your message that I assume you sent to him. However, he doesn't moderate this board and thus is unlikely to see this message.
You should have had an explanation for your warning when it was issued - if this is not the case please let me know.
If you wish to appeal your warning, then you can open a ticket (click support at the top right of the page and select the Community Forum related option.)
Meanwhile, I'm sure Whis will get back to you shortly.

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