TRP Abandons Allies for simming.

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Captain Slice
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TRP Abandons Allies for simming.

Postby Captain Slice » Thu 17 Nov, 2016 23:46

GRIM wins again. TRP duped into helping destroy PLANK has now made a NAP with GRIM abandoning their long time ally LAWN. It's a typical tactic of divide and conquer. A great strategy for GRIM to follow. You will hear the usual crying we don't have enough fleet to contest them from TRP. Good luck to those who stay.

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Re: TRP Abandons Allies for simming.

Postby Mr PiPE » Sun 20 Nov, 2016 23:43

The only thing I can really comment on in this thread topic is... That I don't need dollar bills to have fun tonight.
That is planks official response. Ty.

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