A Social Experiment Conducted by PiPE

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Re: A Social Experiment Conducted by PiPE

Postby Sean Likes Pandas » Fri 09 Sep, 2016 02:50

It's a game, you can enjoy your (proven) bad play-style and we can enjoy mocking you for enjoying your bad play-style.

Bad=Slower progression. Not bad as in less enjoyable.

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Re: A Social Experiment Conducted by PiPE

Postby TheRealTraveler » Fri 09 Sep, 2016 11:44

Can I join or do I need to have someone vouch for my incompetence first? I can follow all those rules, I swear it!

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Re: A Social Experiment Conducted by PiPE

Postby CrazynTough Kiwi » Fri 09 Sep, 2016 14:32

Radiance wrote:There is much more to the story than he attacked somebody. Probably, he put up several posts in guild forum about how ASAE has to change its whole style to zerg style. We boot those guys.

We have mostly changed the name zerg to "stronghold guild," because that more clearly describes the kind of play we mean.
zerg is early aggression, really, but the play style is the same for some in the year+ old guilds when they can find victims.

The hostage taker who thought we should reward enemy behavior by making him VGM must really, really have thought we were very stupid indeed. A VGM can kick anybody, even the GM and totally destroy a guild. We are very careful about who we promote to that level.

AI is an ASAE guild. We used to call our overflow guild "ASAE2" but we got a lot of copycats stealing that name or making fun of us (my favorite was [ASSAE]), so now we call our sister team AI. No more copycats--for now. If our enemies try that again, we will create a new name again. ASAE sister guilds are considered full members of the ASAE family, not "training guilds."

We think it is beyond hilarious that stronghold players have so little imagination or brains that they think their way is "the correct" and even the only way to play AE.

You little zergies are welcome to enjoy the game your way. It is a wonderful way to enjoy AE. We understand you. Our leaders were successful zergs.

I love the ASAE style.

Oh boy, there is so much wrong with this post. Let's just start by pointing out you bumped a thread that is two months old. Really? Whatever, moving on...

What kinda tilts me, is you took a word already heavily used by the majority of the community to mean one thing, and applied your own definition to it arbitrarily, and seem to expect everyone else to stand by it. Is it because ASAE as a guild dislikes being called a zerg, which is a name that carries negative connotations within the game? ASAE has a total of 199 players, plus it's sister guild AI, which has 89 players for a total of 288 players. Mayu has 148 players against the 199 players Vudu, 18 and VIKES. Now 148 and 199 wouldn't have been called zerg worthy numbers years ago, but with the dwindled playerbase, they arguably are.

What does zerg mean for us, and why is that the word we use for that? Well, zerg to most players means the usage of a large number of (sometimes inferior) players to gain an advantage over an opponent. The origin of this word comes from a game called Starcraft (plus Starcraft 2.) These are Real Time Strategy games where players collect resources to build armies to use against each other. You can choose one of three distinctive races, each with it's unique advantages and disavantages and these are Protoss, Terran and Zerg.

Zerg's basic unit is the Zergling, of which 2 spawn from a larve for 50 minerals and 1 supply. This is twice as many units as the Terran marine of which you get 1 for the same costs as a zergling. Protoss zealots cost 100 minerals and took up 2 supply. You can see with just the basic units of the 3 races that Zerg are the most predisposed towards massing the largest number of units, though they were also the weakest. It is true that they were rewarded for being aggressive, but this was not unique, as the other 2 races also had value in aggressive play.

Due to the popularity of the games in their genre, the usage of the term 'zerg' spread to other games, and now in popular gaming culture, it means literally the exact same thing as it has in AE for many years. See here for reference. Now I do not care how your guilds use the word internally, but using it as you do on the forums like like going to a party, talking about weed, and meaning parsley instead of marijuana.

FYI: Anyone with K or VGM power can kick any member of their guild BUT the GM. GM is totally immune to kick from everyone until he passes it over to someone else or goes inactive, allowing someone to take GMship from him. Being careful with giving out VGM privs is good practice, but please get your facts straight.

AE Status: Zombie under the control of unknown entity.
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Re: A Social Experiment Conducted by PiPE

Postby Wlerin » Sat 10 Sep, 2016 11:48

Radiance wrote:We have mostly changed the name zerg to "stronghold guild," because that more clearly describes the kind of play we mean.
zerg is early aggression

That's probably a good idea, since everyone else uses the term "zerg" to mean depending on (player) numbers rather than player skill or activity. I'm not sure why ASAE is so insistent on redefining a term that's already in use to mean something practically opposite of what it everyone else uses it to mean (since zergs are usually formed to combat smaller guilds of players who have been "aggressive" since day one). It's like if someone started labelling cutthroat business practices "communism".

That said, maybe I understand how this misunderstanding came about. I think the main disconnect is a matter of scale. The term "zerging" in StarCraft means using a swarm of weaker units to fight a smaller number of stronger units. For ASAE, wars are fought on an individual level: each player fends for himself, guild efforts are few and far between, and large fleets are basically non-existent. Because of this, and it does make some sense, ASAE translates the units of starcraft directly to AE's "units", i.e. individual ships. Each ship is strong or weak based on its individual stats, and thus its based on its tech. As such, players in stronghold guilds who focus on building huge fleets often at the expense of tech (or rather, balancing tech and fleet rather than techwhoring) are seen as "zergers" compared to their own high tech, but puny, fleets.

However, this is retarded. The game does not model individual ships. They are blobbed together in aggregate masses, added to and subtracted from in blocks, share exactly the same tech, and are entirely undifferentiable. AE's true equivalent to StarCraft's units are entire fleets, or even entire accounts. True zerging is thus using many small fleets to fight a large fleet, or uniting many weaker players to fight a smaller group of strong players. In the former case this is almost always less efficient than using a single, larger fleet, simply because that's how the game mechanics work. In the latter case, weaker players == smaller fleets, so it's already less efficient, and then there tends to be more dead weight, more inactives, more spies, more cowards, more problems in huge guilds vs. small ones, so zergs usually fail when against competent opponents.

The ASAE player howls in triumph when a DN or Leviathan rolls off the line (and then is shortly afterwards blown up). The stronghold player calculates how he can afford to keep DN or LV in queue on all bases, so he'll have enough to rape dozens of massive FR and CR fleets before needing to retreat. The rejoicing instead comes when collecting debris.

Now... is ASAE a zerg? Not really. They never work together. Calling ASAE a zerg would be doing real zerg guilds a disservice.

Radiance wrote:... A VGM can kick anybody, even the GM and totally destroy a guild.

No he can't. Anyone with K or VGM can kick anyone else in the guild, except the GM. No one can kick the GM but himself. The only thing a VGM has that an RKMIT+ doesn't is the ability to give out other privs (besides +)

edit: Ohai Kiwi.

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Re: A Social Experiment Conducted by PiPE

Postby SEWI » Sun 11 Sep, 2016 02:22

thanks for the free advertizment my friends...

very much apreciated...:)

Same name...same guild...all servers... :biglaugh:
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Re: A Social Experiment Conducted by PiPE

Postby Mr PiPE » Sun 11 Sep, 2016 21:07

Well I'll be damned.

sorcerer_cao wrote:Do U know how much members want to kill U? Pipe

There's no shame in the self pleasure game

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