Cruiser, minecraft

Place here your own AE fanwork (banners, logos, ship images, etc).
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Dr Rush
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Re: Cruiser, minecraft

Postby Dr Rush » Fri 15 Nov, 2013 18:13

So build a Frigate way cooler anyways.

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Re: Cruiser, minecraft

Postby Magnificent Poster » Thu 12 Dec, 2013 06:43

So, you're going to build a ship from a text based game. What's the hold up? Is it the C? Just build an O and tear down the right side.

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OG Kush
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Re: Cruiser, minecraft

Postby OG Kush » Thu 09 Jan, 2014 00:37

I haven't done anything to represent an AE unit, yet.

I have done some spaceboats though.


The large ship on the left is my current project, it extends about 5x what we see in the screenshot. The smaller ships are not mine.

I could post more if anybody is interested. Or message me for the build server.

/Edit: My boats will never get derbed :p

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