History of AE Ships

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History of AE Ships

Postby ErexMalren » Mon 10 Dec, 2012 17:31

Name: Sirtis-class Fighter
Length: 20 meters Long
Armament: -2 Repeating Laser Cannons
Crew: 1 Pilot

Built specifically to deal with enemy fighters, designed by Boris Nov'a as an idea came to his head when he saw a Te'tas Gunship with the swept wing design he quickly drew up the designs and submitted them to the Galactic Council, they then issued a decree stating these are the primary fighter craft of the galaxy. Shipyards started to build them and as Empires grew the technology became more and more stable, and powerful. Some Empire's took liberties of making their laser cannons strong enough to puncture corvettes armor with a single shot. When the fighter became famous, many of the stronger empires created what is known as the Fighter Drop, the carriers would land the fighters, and move to a different planet within the same system.

more histories on the way!

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