Hydra Hunger Games Idea

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Hydra Hunger Games Idea

Postby Xarchiel » Fri 02 Mar, 2018 11:50

Hydra Hunger Games Idea:

We are at a time in the server where things are starting to become stale. I propose we do something to make the game fun and exciting again instead of the same thing server after server. We've spent too much time on this server to just let accounts delete. The normal AE Blob fights result in Losing entire huge fleets and takes months to rebuild. I propose a biweekly or monthly mini blob fight for those interested. Small fleets can be rebuilt pretty easy on this 2.0 server, so the losers don't really lose out much and have a chance at redemption in the next posted game 2 weeks or even a month later. I think it would be fun to unite the entire server around something like this, change the way we play AE, and bring in more players to this server to participate.

Some rough Guidelines to these Hunger Games:

- 1 million fleet maximum, can bring less if you don't have enough and still want to participate
- interested players sign up
- Pick a destination and time that works for most
- Land at same time to avoid defenders advantage
- If your more than an hour late you must recall and wait til next game
- Winning Team takes all the Derbs with an even derb share between all winning team members
- We can stay with guild vs guild, or could sometimes mix teams, pick captains and draft dream teams, etc.
- We could split into many different teams and have a last man standing type fight. Last team standing takes all derbs
- We could come up with many different scenarios to play out that would be fun
- Again the skies the limit of what we could do with this
- The whole server can play, but if anyone breaks the rules we can bring the whole servers wrath upon them

I think it would be fun and a great tool to use to Learn and teach new players how different fleet spec combinations work against other specs, increase team coordination, and raise the morale and make this server long lasting

Let me know what you guys think? We can discuss this idea on the here or on Discord

Those that are interested, I've set up a discord Channel to Discuss and organize Events
You can Join this link here: Hydra Hunger Games

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Re: Hydra Hunger Games Idea

Postby SEWI » Wed 21 Mar, 2018 16:23

You seem to forget we live on planet earth with a 24h timezone...

So 1h late is....well.....consider 25h late as limit....lol

Same name...same guild...all servers... :biglaugh:
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Re: Hydra Hunger Games Idea

Postby DetroitFan11 » Thu 10 May, 2018 20:41

SEWI wrote:You seem to forget we live on planet earth with a 24h timezone...

So 1h late is....well.....consider 25h late as limit....lol
Sewi, they would use server time. I like this idea by the way!

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