the real reason fka's guild hates me

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Re: the real reason fka's guild hates me

Postby Pinochle » Thu 24 Nov, 2016 03:24

Bones09 wrote:Why is it so important to get into other people's guilds? If you're good, you should be able to make any random guild of mass recruits into a top guild. Its not that difficult actually if you do it a couple times. That's basically what PPD was on Andromeda. It was not a bunch of multis, just me being bored and mass recruiting everything with fka and crew doing 50-53 with not that many accs, let alone multis.

As for doing that Andromeda/Girls 4.0 zerg thing, fka had pretty much quit by that point so that's no fault of his. Some dark shadowy figure is at fault for that... :paranoid: But hey if that didn't happen, the server would have died with either 00s or 10s coming out on top from attrition, not from crashes (I hear certain guilds in 10s/40s didn't even want to crash... as you could probably tell from their participation numbers... but they do take a lot of the credit for organizing...). At least we had a six cluster crash, not many servers can claim that anymore since nothing gets past 30s now. :P

Well you are not wrong. Though many of your members will be facsimiles that belong to "a" player. There's only like 30 real people that still play this game.

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Re: the real reason fka's guild hates me

Postby Jason_PT » Thu 24 Nov, 2016 20:22

Balor wrote:That is all I have to say for today and the next few days probably.

Regarding Andro, numbers wise you guys had 3:1 on us, problem was the time you guys decided to crash, then accusing 10s LOL with DDoS and stuff like that.

3 vs 1, 00s with a huge hord of multies, with you and few others "late" has usual vs low 10s and high 10s vs 20s/30s, probably the place where we would have less problems to win since most of 20s/30s we're also multies.

Planning a landing at 00:00 at a time where we had probably around 600-900 players online, all clicking F5 + game updates (Recruit Bonus, hourly income etc), was expected lag... however... 20mins-30mins was however largely un-expected, that same lag was done on purpose on your side, simply because it help the fleets with a few secs delay to land/consolidate and turn our contest impossible, karma is a .... and the rest everyone knows what happens.

Then yes, everyone vs 00s, then again everyone vs 10s (that lasted 1.5y without any results).... loved the strategy you guys used tbh, and now amazingly.... 00s and 10s are "friends", not because some left, but because unlike some think i do try to keep a server alive, not like some that love to have such advantage in a server that obliterates the competition.

This all to say one thing, the players in 2.0 servers, that quit at the first crash are stupid, simple has that...unless the leaderships on those servers have the farm-to-deletion-mentality, because if they allowed accounts to grow back again, the server would reach a "stable" fleet size due to the FM that is imposed, sure we would have some awesome fleets, like Midway stack, or Bill stack (that died completely), but they would rebuild. I like to give this example, in Andro is 00s/20s/30s have tried to rebuild instead of deleting... don't know if 10s would have last this far.

Don't plan crash landing at xx:00 times... but these days should be fine, our AE-player base is already severely depleted.

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Re: the real reason fka's guild hates me

Postby Opizze » Thu 01 Dec, 2016 04:33

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