A newbs idea..

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Re: A newbs idea..

Postby SpriteX » Fri 10 Nov, 2017 21:07

Sarah-bunny wrote:
SpriteX wrote:
Sarah-bunny wrote:And it could be that AE's player base, at its height, owed a lot to the game having very simple mechanics and a lot of colorful characters that made it "politically" interesting.

OHAI THERE :dance: :dance:

I hope you're back after a break... we both needed to be done with this game for awhile :scared: lol hope you're doing well :)

Lol, no I havent played AE in.. years. I dunno when the last time I played was, maybe Pegasus? Was that a server? if not whatever was before P server. Our youngest was diagnosed with autism a while back and he's literally a full time job himself though it's gotten a bit easier as he's gotten older and establishes routines. I log in to the forums every 1-2 times a year I think heh just to kick the rocks and see if anyone else has become a fantastic suicide phenom.


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